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The Washington correspondent for The Irish Times is ill informed. I have heard her also on The Marian Finucane show where she was also disappointing. The Business Post Washington correspondent is very good. RTE should pay more attention to the news sources it uses.
Heartily agree that it’s a great way to catch up from abroad but disagree with recent reviews bemoaning the program being presented in segments. I like having the choice of subject matter. If I just want major political news and don’t have time for Paddy O’Gorman in Carlow (no offense, Paddy) then I have that option. Bryan Dobson and the team mostly do a good job. No offense Carlow either!
Like others, I used to love listening to Morning Ireland until they changed the format of their podcast. Even though they have two "full" hour podcasts now, they are so heavily edited that it's frustrating to listen to it. Hopefully one day they will return to two actual hours.
This new format of breaking items into snippets is a disaster. Being user friendly is a must for successful endeavours and this certainly is not the former. I am a loyal listener of MI for years, but this is really testing my endurance for continuing.
This was my favorite podcast, nevertheless a couple of weeks ago suddendly it is shown broken up and it is almost impossible to listen it as it is no longer in order. RTE, could you please go back to the 1-hour single-download podcast? We all will appreciate it.
The content is great and until recently, only the naming of the podcasts was a problem for sorting. But now, some bright spark decided it would be a great idea to break up the hour long segments into 4 - 5 minute podcasts. To make the podcasts even more unusable, they don't play in order.
Have been listening to morning Ireland since I worked in Dublin over 25 years ago. Now that I'm living in the US I rely on morning Ireland to keep up with what's happening at home, and internationally. The only criticism I would have is that the podcast is not always available promptly so sometimes I have to go without on my drive to work! One thing that's never changed however is the quality of the coverage; this is an excellent production.
I love listening to Morning Ireland. Podcasts are generally available within a couple of hours of the end of the broadcast. This works great for me; due to the time difference between Ireland and the east coast of USA, I can hear the podcast at 7 am here.
I love listening to "Morning Ireland." It helps keep me up-to-date with the situation there pertaining to the economy. My only gripe is that between a Thursday and a Tuesday, the podcast might or might not be available. The news is stale once it's a day or two old. Don't they update their podcasts over the weekend?
Today is New Year's Eve & the last podcast was on 12/23/08! For a daily morning show, that is really ridiculous! If no more podcasts are going to be posted, this podcast really should be removed from iTunes.
As an ex-pat Connemara Man I looked forward to coming home & listening to "Good Morning Ireland" each day. It is by far me favorite radio news/info show and was a great way to keep up with what is going on in Ireland, but lately I have become very disappointed with it. While it did sometimes take a few days for the show to update, you were at least able to listen to the entire 2 hour broadcast. Recently, however the offering has been reduced down to a 1/2 hour to 45 min "sample" broadcast with no explanation. It has become a great offering for the "sound-bite" crowd but for me it's just not enough by far.
its news of the day, if it is not ready to download the same day there is no point. I can understand a few hours to get it ready to go but anything more than a few hours makes it an auto delete
The last episode was on March 12th. Now on March 23rd I'm beginning to wonder if they forgot how to upload the show. It's such a bad reflection on RTE that when every other radio station can have highly available podcasts, they can't manage this daily show. I'm extremely disappointed because I would listen to it every day if they could make it available.
This a great program, I listened to it all summer before the family and I left DC and headed to Ireland in August. (I find the traffic report just as helpful as the local DC stations.) It really gave me a good feel for current Ireland (and world) events. (Though, I would also love the downloads more timely.)
Haven't had a download in over a week, what's the point subscribing to it when it's never updated, how hard could it be to update it every day?
Come on RTE, what is the point of a great show if it takes almost a week to get it on line. The whole point of current affairs is that they are current. If the show are posted by 12 noon on the day of broadcast in Ireland if would be available at 7:00 am on the East Coast of the US. and earlier all across the US and available the same day across much of the world.
It's been improving lately, but sometimes there are still gaps between broadcast and posting. But I'm glad to have it at all; it helps me keep up with what's going on back in Ireland, and it's also nice to get another perspective on world and U.S. news...Plus I like their interview style. They way they actually ask common-sense questions and cut people off if they try and blow smoke rather than answer them. The news here isn't like that.
Morning Ireland is, by far, my favorite podcast. I subscribe and I wish I could listen to it every day. It don't because I can't. For example, today is 20 April. The most recent podcast is from 12 April.
I can finally listen to some Irish radio shows every day in the U.S. RTE is catching up!
Great podcast but could be posted in a more timely manner. I download my podcasts at 6am (11am Ireland) and nothing yet for today.
I really enjoy this podcast but allowing it to mature for a few days before making it available doesn't really work in the current affairs genre! Surely it would be a simple matter to load it directly after the broadcast goes out.
Wow, and not a moment too soon, thanks RTE! A good option for those of us expats who want to listen to this programme in the car or can't listen to the realaudio version on the website. However, throw us a bone, a bit of a longer podcast would be great (or several short podcasts, like BBC does with its "Today" broadcast). ALSO this is not going to be used much if RTE does not make podcast available the SAME DAY as the radio broadcast!