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Steve mixes my favorite podcasts I download. My favorite DJ out there, has his own great songs as well on these.
Awesome work Steve. Gets the party and the workouts going.
Keep it up steve... so high is a kickin track, major major major
Only problem I have with it is waiting for the next mix lol great cast man keep em comin
Great mix!! Song selection is pumping.
This guy is the creme' de la creme' of the music scene, by anyones standards. A subscription must for any house junky. Keep rockin the decks man you're still killin us. xoxo


By FredNJ
found you on myspace..dood great beats. jersedood
Steve Smooth is the man. I've only seen him twice live, but his podcast is so awesome. He never disappionts me with his track selection and mixes.
Definitely my #1 house DJ, Smooth ROCKS the party live and with his podcasts. Can't praise him enough, his mixes are on point, Smoooooth, and always always, fresh. Everytime a new podcast gets dropped, that's all you hear me listen to for about a week!
Perfect representation of Chicago House!
Been waiting for a long time to get this kind of mix. It's very well done and brings all the great techno I hear but can't find in one place and it's mixed incredibly well. I will be dancing to this often, by myself and with friends.=) Thanks Steve Smooth!
Thank you so much for updating your podcasts! I love them all! Seriously, I wish best of luck at Double Door!
you have to check this mix out! one of my favs!!
Nice podcast man. good luck at the House of Blues tonite. (wish i could be there). Awesome mix
Need more mixes! One just isn't enough....