The Royals of Malibu

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I started listening on a whim, trying to find something to motivate me to keep walking. Half way thru the first episode I realize what book this is portraying, one of my faves. It was really brought to life, I loved every minute of it and can’t wait for season 2!
I remember reading the book a while ago and I find this. This is amazing! I’m gonna reread “Paper Princess” again. And looking forward to season 2 of the next one.
I had no idea that there were podcasts like this. I absolutely loved it. And now I must have more!!!!!! 😍 and now to purchase the book 📖
This has potential but it’s so cringe 😬
So cringey.
Episodic podcasts like this! You're now my second favorite after Community News with Paul and Sasha podcast. They have some great Malibu and LA stories too. Look forward to hearing a season 2 from you.
I love this podcast! I love the storyline! Omg I hope there is more to the storyline, or they have another story coming!
Is there going to be a season 2 and more? I could visualize everything. Please do more seasons! Amazing in every way!
It was honestly hard to listen to at some points because it got cringey. I definitely think for some people it can be entertaining just maybe not my cup of tea. The voices and acting sounded fake…
Do you think Savannah and Easton would be a good couple long term? Or would Easton not commit to the relationship?
Seriously… Where is season 2 i need it now!! This is a great beginner podcast.
I am not a big fan of podcast but I absolutely loved this. I need a season 2 asap. It always had me at the edge of my seats. Might have to listen again.
This is my first audio show, I love Alyssa in this. I definitely plan on getting the books that inspired this!
Is there gonna be a season 2, because I am DYING to know what happened next. Also what was your favorite episode to film ?
Horrible nod to gen z… why
Iv never been a huge fan of podcasts but OMG!!!! I don’t think I’ve been so impatient about the next episode ever! So the question is will there be season 2??
Y’all have done such amazing work for this podcast and I have been so happy listening to this! If your into emotional and romantic, tragedy podcast this is one you should watch!! @ALYSSA MCKAYY 😁🥹❤️
Can we please get a tv version of this and I wonder if a season 2 would work and is there any backstage drama or ROMANCE.A question for Ella is how awkward was it to do the kissing scenes and some of the sexual one especially with David
My question for the cast is would there ever been a tv show of the podcast or a season series of the podcast it’s so good
If you like this podcast go read the books! If you like the books listen to this podcast! I love it. I loved the books. I only wish that the episodes were longer and more detailed like the books but its still great to hear and sense a picture to the books I read. I hope they do all the books for this podcast!!
This should so be a tv series or even a movie!!! It’s so detailed that i can put myself into and just imagine what’s going on and it’s awesome!!!
It’s an amazing podcast I love it so much I tune in every Monday
I LOVE this audio, and it’s absolutely awesome! Will there ever be a screen version of the show to see it?
my question is for Alyssa. how does it feel playing Ella Sinclair in the show and do you feel like you connect to her in someway?
Really love theseee episodess! Hope y’all come out with more story line podcasts…LOVEE🥰!
I’ve been listening to podcasts like these for 6 months now, and this one is best one ever to listen to. I’ll hope there’ll be a season 2, and maybe one day I can create a podcast like this. 🥰
Will there be a season TWO?!!?!???
All I’m saying is that there better be a Netflix show of this coming soon!
I always look forward to new episodes on Mondays
I literally listened to epi 10 in a grocery store & turned red omg. 😳 shocker!
I love this series!! Can't wait for the bonus episodes with the whole crew! My question for the cast is at what age you started voice acting.? Also were you all nervous by taking part in each character on the first day.?
Love the series! Only thing that could be better is if the episodes was a little longer 🙂
Doesn’t matter what episode, I’m always smiling so big and bad because sometimes it not the best timing (gym). Binged listened to it thanks to TikTok for showing me I’m obsessed!
This podcast is amazing and each time I listen to the story it pulls you in. So my questions for the cast is what was it like when you heard the news you got the part, and what do you guys hope for the future of this show. Love u guys XOXO 💚💜
I love this podcast! It’s like I’m listening to a tv show!! It’s so good and I’m always wanting more!
Ella is the most annoying character I have ever heard in a podcast. Her voice, phrases and weird intonation are all awful. Unfortunately for me the story is vaguely intriguing so I keep listening it to it when I run out of episodes of dateline.
Amazing! I love the story and it is my #1 podcast to listen to! It is my go to podcast when I am just chilling in my room, doing homework, or in my car. I can’t wait for more episodes!
This is based on the book Paper Princess by Erin Watt. There are some differences though, the book takes place in North Carolina. It’s a series and it’s amazing.
I'm looking forward to even more episodes!!!! I love this podcast show so much ❤️❤️
I absolutely love the fun yet exciting story line. I need more please!!
Such an amazing podcast, it has me looking forward towards mondays. I was wondering if the actors/actresses have read the book this podcast is based off of? Which character do the actors feel they resonate the most with? What do the actors personally think of Calium and wether he is a (ethnically) good father/man? For the actress, Alyssa, playing Ella, how was it to voice the scene with david, what did she have to look for/practice to make it believable?
This is the best podcast I’ve never thought about listening to one but I’m very glad I did listen to this one I’m so invested❤️❤️🤘
Voice acting is terrible and the script is worse. It’s trying way too hard to sound “gen z” which makes it embarrassing to listen to.
Hot and addictive.


it’s giving wattpad. this is obviously written by someone who’s not gen z. the fact thatshe says slay and sus i was writing this review and then easton said “bet, don’t worry”… like it wouldn’t have been that bad but the way he said it 💀
The content is great, but the voices are so cringy and overdone that it has become harder to listen with each episode. Pass.
This is embarrassing