12 Ghosts

Reviews For 12 Ghosts

I loved this series so much! Honestly one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. Gave me the chills while I cleaned out an airstream in 80 degree weather. And the last episode was so special.
Second time listening to the whole thing over again! Can’t wait for a new season!
The production sounds great. However, the story was not enough to draw me in. I’m not sure why the second guest told such a detailed story to people he didn’t know a couple of minutes into the first episode.
Lost me in the first 5 mins.
This is my 2nd run through & I absolutely love it. This form of storytelling is my recently discovered favorite.
Excellent storytelling and crisp sounds. A must listen each year for the holidays!
I love the series. Each story was unique and a great companion for my evening commute. The voice actors were engaging and the stories were compelling in different ways. Sort of sad to have finished it but I will treat myself to a second listen soon.
Q: “who are you?” A: “I was a nocturnal traveler” Our Traveler was beneath a “Goblin moon” This is more a series of gas filled speeches than any sort of conversation among individuals. No thank you.
I thoroughly enjoyed every story and the entire concept. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up several times. Malcolm McDowell’s voice was perfect. Also, loved the theme music.
It’s like the author is trying to hard. The story didn’t flow for me. And in didn’t really like the vice actors.
Don’t listens with headphones if your cooking the warning is no joke I though I had set the sleeve of my shirt on fire for 2 seconds but awesome podcast
Enjoyed every moment!!
I sure hope there's more to this one, what a lovely adventure this is.
Very well done! Loved the stories. I can’t believe I missed this in December!
Wonderfully creative and paced, this is great storytelling and talent! Definitely try to wear headphones/earbuds to get the full experience.
I wasn’t sure about this one at first, but I found it so interesting. It has everything. 5 stars
Amazing as always. This series captures the imagination and sends you on an adventure with feel of sitting around the fire and telling ghosts stories. Love it!
Malcolm McDowell was pitch perfect here. Will likely revisit these 12 stories next year as they were very well done & perfectly creepy
This was a great listen! The stories were so enthralling, and the sound so immersive. Each character was so impressive. One of my favorites was the taxi driver. Malcom McDowell was a gem! His voice is one in a million. Highly recommend if you love storytelling.
Is that the sound of fire cracking? What’s with the clicking/tapping? I can’t get past it. I tried. It could be so wonderful if not for the clicking or tapping sound? What is it??!! I made it to episode 4 and I couldn’t get past the first minute or so because of it. 😢
Then this isn’t for you. Full of mystery, love, hope, dreams, everything good stories are made of. Just a bit of scary…. Loved this!!
Malcolm McDowell is fabulous!!!!!
What a chilling and enthralling series of ghost stories! Perfect to listen to on a dark, cold winter’s night. Can’t wait to listen to them once more when Christmas rolls around again.
Everything they do is amazing...I find myself wishing they'd do these for all of the holidays 😍
This podcast is the perfect Christmas ghost story podcast. It absolutely enthralled me.
I was listening to this alone on a dark and stormy morning at work. I jumped at every little sound the building made! This is so good, it’s so well written! I wish it was longer!
I am so addicted to this story one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in a while love these characters so unique, and the stories have so much meaning please give us more!!!
I’m a big fan of 13 days of Halloween so I’m not sure how I missed this but I’m so glad I found it! Only one episode in, and it’s compelling
Dramatic storytelling that drew me in from the start!
I wish this podcast was longer. I loved hearing the different stories.
This podcast is priceless. It is compelling, because the performances are so well done. The sound effects draw you in. I could go on forever, but it is best I shut up, and you listen for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
Seriously spectacular! The voice actors, backstories and ambient music was truly incredible-well done!
The audio is incredible! Episode 4 was so spooky, I just out of my seat at work. Can’t wait to finish!
Some episodes are better than others but the last one was nothing less than profound.
Was great until one of the last episodes till there just had to be a woke episode. Podcast needs to go to Florida where woke goes to die
I enjoyed Malcom McDowels performance but I felt the ending fell flat. I applaud the hard work it took to produce this podcast but in the end I was not crazy about it. Annabelle should have been among the living.
Absolutely the best short series of stories I’ve ever heard, they are sad & happy, wow, looking forward to next year.
This is a great series. The stories are really good, and the characters are wonderful. Malcom McDowell is perfect in his role. The way the audio is produced really enhances the story. I have pictures in my mind of the characters. Look forward to each episode as it is released. This should be considered a class on story telling. Everything has been so well done on this. I continue to heap praise on it and recommend listening.
I love how the stories all tied on at the end. I looked forward to each episode and the final made me cry. Highly recommend!
What an absolutely perfect collection of stories and talents. It is a brilliant blend of creepy, sweet, sad, beautiful and every piece heartfelt. I was especially enamored of Episode 1 (The Land of Hungry Ghosts by Rob Mosca and Episode 6 (Low and Sad, Like a Hymn by Alayna Huft Tucker). Special shout out to Episode 8 (Pink Pig by Benji Carr) for calling my home to my Atlanta roots. And the cast! Wow! Everyone truly connected to the story they were telling and made you feel it in your gut. Gina Rickicki is the perfect voice to connect all of the stories and will break your heart when you listen to "The Utburd". As with all the collaborations between Mankhe and Tecosky this series will be one I come back to many times.
Love this series, episode 7 was my favorite — props to the writer! The story was creepy but comforting, and compelling the whole way through. Definitely would love to hear more of this authors work!
Not too spooky but just spooky enough. Great stories.
I just finished the series and I am left speechless with tears in my eyes. I cannot express how warm and comforting Mr. MacDowell’s voice is, and everyone did such a phenomenal job of telling their characters’ stories. Thank you, Aaron, for bringing us so much moving and memorable content!
I’m not usually a ghost story fan, but the writing and the acting pulled me in from word one. Short and sweet with a little chill up your spine as you finish the episode. Excellent!
Each story pulls you in, and I find myself on the edge of my seat. Love this series!!
This is the best podcast I’ve listened to yet hope it comes back next year
Atmospheric, Dickensian ghost stories to listen to while huddled up by a fire. Can you imagine anything better to keep you company during the longest night? I love everything about this series and hope they bring it back next year!
Simple and complex. Really well done.
This episode is really really good. I did just want to comment how wonderful the story teller was. She reminded me of Mercedes McCambridge …. A beautiful lyrical voice.