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Reviews For Crash Course

I just heard Tim say todays episode will be the last. I will miss Tim’s voice immensely! Thank you for your work.
I love Tim O’Briens voice ,,, and his even mannered take on issues ,,, my favorite episodes were Barbie. And Taylor Swift takes on the world. Thanks Tim!!!
I love all the episodes but was especially moved by your conversation with Andrew Weissmann. As many times as I’ve heard both of you speak I’ve never heard anything quite like that. The last few minutes were priceless and reflected exactly and poetically what I’ve been feeling through the Trump years. I’m grateful to both of you for helping us all get through this.
I love Tim. He’s so mellow, measured and straightforward. What would it take for him to get his hair on fire? I’d hate to find out. I’ve been easing into this podcast but I’m starting to love it.
Engrossing interview with someone who is fastidious in the use of language, a good thing, I would say, for a pollster. He also had no hesitation in correcting O’Brien on misstatements concerning his CV, in particular which politicians he had worked for. Pointed comments about political communication and behavior and how they have changed over the course of his career. Blunt mea culpas about things he wishes he had done differently. Outstanding discussion. Knew the name but nothing about him. Enlightening.
Tim is in top shape as a reporter and you get the full story and guest. Sadly this sometimes means the guest is exposed as an idiot, so finishing the episode is then a challenge.
Love the show, Tim! Please don’t bring on Frank Luntz on again, he’s a d@&k! Cannot stand him!
I enjoy your podcasts. Susan Del Percio is incorrect in my opinion about Democrats not turning out to vote for President Biden in 2024. The people I talk to think more highly of Biden than we have of any other president in our lifetimes, he’s gotten so much accomplished especially in this volatile political environment and he’s kind and empathetic. He’s a good man.
… as usual provides a moderate, rational discussions of important issues. A breath of fresh air.
And under-discussed generally amongst mainstream podcasts in last few years. Credit to O’Brien and Wooldridge for the fascinating discussion and to Bloomberg for producing.
I just discovered this podcast. I listened to the one about Sandy Hook parents suing Remington the gun manufacturer. I learned so much. It was excellent. I look forward to listening to other episodes. M Crowe
As the host digs into the latest business news you learn a lot about competing interests, motivations and human foibles. This is a show worth listening to.
Informative topics, thoughtful, worth my time to learn more on many topics! I’m grateful to be a listener! Thank you!
Crash course gives the back story in a clear and entertaining way. Tim O’Brien has a warm, conversational style that makes you feel you’re part of a really interesting conversation.
I loved this show. Crash Course has quickly become my favorite podcast. The topics are relevant, the interview crisp and the insights fresh. Keep it up! This is great content!
The first episode had all the talking points of a 3rd rate left wing media outlet. I was looking for at least some critical thinking and opinions.
I learned that if you have lots of money you can be a fool and get away with just about anything. You can break the rules. You can be a fool. Just like Musk and Trump (not a real billionaire). We must do something as a society to stop them. They can’t keep getting away with this behavior.