Crash Course

Reviews For Crash Course

Informative topics, thoughtful, worth my time to learn more on many topics! I’m grateful to be a listener! Thank you!
Crash course gives the back story in a clear and entertaining way. Tim O’Brien has a warm, conversational style that makes you feel you’re part of a really interesting conversation.
I loved this show. Crash Course has quickly become my favorite podcast. The topics are relevant, the interview crisp and the insights fresh. Keep it up! This is great content!
The first episode had all the talking points of a 3rd rate left wing media outlet. I was looking for at least some critical thinking and opinions.
I learned that if you have lots of money you can be a fool and get away with just about anything. You can break the rules. You can be a fool. Just like Musk and Trump (not a real billionaire). We must do something as a society to stop them. They can’t keep getting away with this behavior.