Options Strategies for Investors

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Seems like the website has a good setup for current and beginning options traders. I've traded basic options for over 4 years and I think this site could help me get to the next level and maybe improve my current trading. Lots of visual and audio materials.
Seriously, they need to make this a video so listeners can follow. lol...the guys voice is like listen to the diane rayme show on NPR, It could put anyone to sleep. Its pretty informative, you just really need to focus, like if ur on a bus ride or something.
I think these video lessons are reasonably thorough, and are valuable for beginners to intermediate Options traders. Best aspect is emphasis on full discussion of risks and rewards and need for planning ahead for all eventualities. A little weak on explanations of selection of particular strike prices, call dates, and particular strategy choices. Keep in mind that most option 'lessons' available on the Web are slanted towards selling of a particular service, and the OIC videos are decidely neutral, a very rare and positive attribute.
Waste of time. Strategies they discuss are too risky for begginers, and too basic for experienced traders. All in all, huge dissapointment.
The first two episodes will put you to sleep. Much of the content is hard to understand. Only until the third episode did it start to make sense. But I still didn't know the meaning of some of the technical tearms.
I fired up these podcasts expecting to hear something interesting and informative about options. However, I found myself nodding off halfway through the first episode! These presenters obviously understand options, but someone needs to teach them how to present the material in a way that is actually interesting!!! Maybe it's time for the OIC to hire some new presenters, because I can't take these guys anymore. I was compelled to un-subscribe after just one episode. There are better options podcasts available on Itunes that won't put me to sleep.
These are a decent starting point if you are learning about options trading. To say that nowhere in here are the risks of trading options covered, as another reviewer has, is overstated. The entire segment on buying calls, for example, discusses the implication of owning a call option at expiration when the strike price is out of the money. If you can't connect the dots on that one, you probably shouldn't be trading options in any case.