Hey Sis, Eat This

Reviews For Hey Sis, Eat This

Whit & Court are hysterical, REAL and say what everyone’s thinking but no one says it. They absolutely SHINE! The stories, recipes, and everything in between is fantastic. Keep ‘em coming… I can’t get enough!! 🥰


By My Zoso
So far I love the show! Great stories and wonderful chemistry 🥰I love love love the show!
I look forward to the episode every week! So funny and relatable.
These ladies know what they’re doing alright. It takes a lot to make me laugh and I was doing just that throughout these two episodes. I can’t wait for more! So happy for y’all!!!
Hey Sis, Eat This is a refreshing and hysterical podcast which makes me feel all the good feels. Their protagonist, Mama Ashley’s, southern demeanor and one-liners will never cease to surprise you with unabashed glee. This is a podcast for all, however having three sisters of my own, Whitney and Courtney remind me of the relationships I have with my own sisters and how special the sisterly bond truly is.
Couldn’t be more proud of these sisters! Love you both so much💕 Thank you for celebrating all the moms out there!!
This is like sitting around the dinner table with friends and listening to them tell stories about their hilarious and crazy parents. This will be on my regular podcast rotation! Can’t wait for more!
This is an amazing podcast Couldn’t ask for another recommend
You two are seriously adorable 🥰 🥰 Can’t wait to check out recipes! PS can I have your mom please ?
Courtney and Whitney are hysterical, down to Earth and entertaining ! Can’t wait for their next episode.
So fun and great hearing your stories. I felt as tho I was in the room with you all. Can’t wait for the next episode. ♥️
I want lemon pasta!
I love this podcast and want more like it. It’s crazy, funny and smart.
Can’t wait for more laughs from these two funny, frank and always fabulous siblings. This is the perfect recipe for a truly Southern good time and a great margarita! Their Mamma Ashley is the rue to all kinds of hearty soups and sloppy stories. You never know which sibling friends are going to drop in with tales from their own mamma’s kitchen. One thing is certain, Courtney and Whitney can whip up funny as easily as they can whip up a baked sweet potato tartin. Five ⭐️’s!!!
Please make more!!!