Reviews For WEAPONIZED with Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp

Just wanted to say thank you guys for what you do even though you are constantly at risk, your actions are very important in keeping the movement alive and thriving! Love you guys and thank you!
George Knapp and Jeremy Cobell are phenomenal reporters and their stories are breaking news on the UAP phenomenon. I witnessed a ufo in 2001 and that memory was burned into my memory which brought me to this podcast. People are seeing these objects all over the world and there are those trying to cover the phenomenon but George and Jeremy keep shining light on the truth and the stories of those who have encountered this phenomenon.
This podcast is the real reason no one take this stuff seriously. I’m interested in these topics but field is so full of people who already have their mind made up, no science. Like religion, when you try make a logical reason they call you names say your wrong. Host ask the questions, and when he doesn't get answer he wants he then rephrases it while answering they way he wants and has guest agree. Does it time and time again. And I have only listened to 1 episode.
The notion that Corbell doesn’t read comments is almost funnier than the notion that he’s a journalist.
George is so professional and articulate and Jeremy brings good energy and is very good at keeping it engaging. You can really tell Jeremy looks up to George and they are just so good together. There wasnt really any good podcasts on this subject but these guys filled the void. Love it
I also love your podcast. I support you! Keep up the good work. PS Jeremy don’t stop being you. Even the F bombs. That guy needs to know it’s just Jeremy being passionate about what he’s doing. We are adults. Hooah
I’m nearly certain that Jeremy Corbell is a controlled opposition actor. Good podcast though. Make up your own mind.
I know you guys are busy I just wish y’all had daily podcasts, although I’ll just wait for the next one. Keep it up
Jeremy be you do you big ups to your co host
I really love the information here. It doesn’t get any better. But Jeremy, can you ease up on the f word. Im already through half of this episode and you have peppered it 5 times at least. Your smart. No need to use it. Thank you for the work you both do.
Tell some old ufo stories, what you’re spitting out is terrible. I had really high hopes for these guys, about ready to ditch them, no more mentioning David Grusch if you can’t get him on the show, show gets less interesting every week
Well presented for the most part. Some great guests and interviews that can appeal to skeptics and believers. However, the one episode that really turned me off was with Dave Foley. Dave is an extremely smart and funny person, no fault with him as a guest. It’s the story he and Jeremy tell about seeing a UFO. So here you are, THEE UFO media guy… who has never seen a ufo personally finally sees one and decides “I’m not going to film this bc my iPhone video might not look great”. Instead Dave is going to draw a picture of it the next day. Compelling guys. Are you kidding me? You had ONE JOB! Hilarious.


By R0ccoP
I found Weaponized Podcast after listening to George Knapp, an award winning journalist and my favorite host on Coast to Coast am. George has deep history, knowledge, credibility, and a well-earned reputation of fair investigation on this topic. I love Jeremy’s enthusiasm, artsy personality, and deep sources. Together George and Jeremy make a great team and wonderful podcast. I look forward to it every week. I do wonder if we will see the “goodies” in my lifetime though….
Yeah, buy George a better mic. Seriously. And Jeremy is learning to shut up a little. I think. Maybe. But I’m not going to stop listening. The material, most of it, is too important. But fire your audio editor, or hire a pro it’s annoying to hear bits of conversation repeated and then have the guest cut off in mid sentence because the editor couldn’t be bothered to finish. And yeah, get George a better setup.
Love the show though
Amazing, fascinating, intriguing, leapin’ lizards, I can’t recommend this podcast enuff. You’ve got two of the leading UAP investigators as hosts combined with marvelous guests who tell it like it is. What a great show!!!
Made it half way through first season. So far the only thing I don’t like. Is Jeremy repeating everything that is said to him. I’m not sure why he feels this is needed. But pleas!! If the guess is speaking English ! Don’t repeat what they have spoken.
Listeners: Outstanding UAP reporting and discussion. Here it from the story breakers who know all the players. Love the back stories. Jeremy - read the reviews Clean up your language. Set a 1 F bomb per show limit - even zero. Distracts too much from your Podcast. George - you are Fabulous - keep it up young man.
George Knapp has been a favorite credible reporter who happens to have an open mind when reporting on the investigations of UFO/UAP, and phenomena such as Skinwalker Ranch. Mr. Corbel is an expert researcher and investigator who has serious connections to the covert world of government agency whistleblowers and rare film of actual UFO events. The difference between these two experienced reporters are the ultra credible and well respected reputations for the truth. And honestly to say if there is any doubt of the story.
George and Jeremy out here elevating our collective consciousness. Thank you, gentlemen. These are the times that try the souls of mankind.


By slokat!
When Richard Dolan’s podcast fired up around 2014 it was fire!! He quickly ran out of UFO material though and started getting political and downright crazy. Please don’t do the same here. Take a Hiatus. Come back when you have some Fresh UAP content. As much as I love Animals, this is not the forum for That content.
Thank you for the most recent episode on animal welfare! Shedding light where others have not been willing to look or able to see is an important step for animal welfare and the UFO subject. Who knows, perhaps these things are all interrelated.


The importance of this topic is unfortunately overshadowed by the enthusiastic lack of seriousness and substance exhibited by one of the co-hosts who, to the detriment of this podcast and UAP researchers, investigators, whistleblowers and journalists generally, spends the majority of the podcast’s time churning through one half-baked theory or personal anecdote after another.


By XHimpx
I love the subject. George Knapp is fantastic, professional & entertaining to listen to. The other guy is disappointing. Terrible language. Here is another podcast he is involved with that I have to ignore.
A reasonably good podcast, but I’m very disappointed that Jeremy is so unprofessional and throws the F word out so often. Gutter language!
It’s not a sign of passion but rather a lack of discipline. It’s getting more and more difficult to listen to the show given the unnecessary vulgarity. And it’s too bad, I love this important topic.
Knapp is Professional and has a lifetime of credibility. Corbell is Not. I deeply support the movement but I’m sorry.. Jeremy’s attitude and attention seeking behavior makes this really hard to listen to. He’s repetitive and obnoxious and I feel damages the push for truth on the public front. Tone it down and make me want to listen again because I just can’t do it
JFC he is insufferable but George Knapp is a hero. GET TO IT, Corbell. Why does he even bother having guests on the show to ask them questions if he's just going to interrupt every time they try answer one of his rambling questions? He LOVES to hear himself talk and wants everyone to know how great he thinks he is, but we are listening to get info, not just listen to him go ON AND ON about his cool points. Does he REALLY need to mention having beers with someone EVERY episode? He has good information, but GD does he make you suffer to hear it. Please just let George do the talking or learn from him how to be a good inteviewer. I don't know why I keep trying to listen to this podcast. I want the info, but I cannot pay the Corbell toll. He is insufferable.
I wanted to like this but it’s exhausting for me. I like to hear witnesses talk about their experiences. This podcast doesn’t do that but is more interested in who was first to report some thing or who gets credit for certain disclosures or who the main players are in this strange subject. I find myself zoning out until the F bomb count get so high that I can’t listen anymore. I gave it three stars because I’m sure it’s a good podcast for people who are interested in all the politics and don’t mind some foul mouthed ranting.
Excessive potty mouth makes show less serious.
I love George, long time listener of him and love his content. However, I’m so sick of listening to Jeremy say “I did this, I did that, people tell ME this, BECAUSE of ME, I was the one that blah blah blah”. It always just him talking about his favorite subject, himself. “This is the deal man, it’s all about me, me, and more ME.” He is always bragging on what he’s done and who he knows and it’s all about him. I fast forward through him, which leaves barely any of the shows to listen to when he’s constantly bragging about himself. George, you can do better. Get a better sidekick, one that doesn’t want all the attention and glory and who cares about the content more than themselves.
I love both Corbell and Knapp! I’ve wanted a podcast like this for a very long time. Subscribed.
Serious UFOlogists have longed for a show like this. And enthusiast of investigative journalism in general have shared that same longing. After all,one of the two hosts is the fascinating, eloquent, and always interesting George Knapp. When he has the microphone, the show is constantly at 5 full stars. Unfortunately, cohost Jeremy Corbell frequently brings things to a crashing halt bu constantly inserting himself into the story. I know that’s part of ‘Gonzao journalism’ but Hunter S. Thompson he’s not. He interrupts and talks over guests, goes on frequent tangents that derail the topic and information being presented, and often sounds stoned. It’s like if James Lipton and “Ted” from the Bill
These guys know their stuff. They do their homework and present factual information. Can’t wait for more.
I first off just want to say how much I enjoy the show, I listen to it as soon as I can. I always look forward to Tuesday for that reason. George Knapp is THE MAN!! I have a deep respect for you and all the hard work you’ve done in legitimately reporting on UFOs. You are definitely a class act. And also a big thank you to Mr Corbell for his dedication and ceaseless pursuit of the truth in the UFO world. I know it’s supposed to be UAP, but I prefer the old school vibe of UFO. The truth is out there and we might just find it thanks to this dynamic duo. Keep fighting the good fight. Love you guys, all the best!!! P.S. I am VERY interested to know why Burchett and Luna were refused a SCIF. Seems like obstruction of justice and the obfuscation of evidence.
Would really love to listen to George Knapp. I think he should be the main host for Coast to Coast. However, the language used on this show is not needed, and sometimes goes beyond childish to offensive. Unfortunately will unsubscribe. Emailed the show a while back to see if I would get a reply, but I didn’t. I know I am in the minority, but when the talk sounds like a middle school boy it makes the journalism immature.
I love George Knapp. Huge fan. He’s done decades of work. Could listen to that man all day. Not sure how I feel about Jeremy — grateful for the movies he’s made but think they could use 70% less Jeremy Corbell. This podcast upset me when they let an ultra right wing congressperson’s vague talk about his *intent* to hunt for the truth about “aliens” while barely giving any substance to the cause and instead that other ultra right wing colleague - Matt Gaetz is great and the military is all bad and so is the pentagon. It was more than a big fat nothing burger in terms of alien government info— it was harmful propaganda - and I’m a person from this congressperson’s district. Right after a mass shooting he said “criminals are going to be criminals”. Really wish they didn’t give right wing extremists a platform.
I’ve been listening for a few weeks now. You guys are doing an incredible job. I just listened to Rep. Burchett. wow! As someone who saw multiple black triangles in an extended encounter, I want to know! thank you and keep fighting!
Great story about what happened at 29 palms
Whitley Strieber should do his research on polygraphs. The National Academy of Science did a thorough study on them and concluded that they are unreliable. Their report is available on Amazon, he should read it. Strieber has insisted that polygraphs work for years now, it’s annoying.
I know that Whitley Streiber is a legend, but he really sounds delusional in this episode. It’s hard enough to grasp some of the news coming out but that seems more believable and less ridiculous than what he is saying here. He sounds like he has hallucinations. Not trying to be disrespectful.


Jeremy is like a roided up teenage narcissist
Some constructive criticism….maybe just a quick summary of the topic before getting into all the details. It’s almost like y’all start in the weeds and work your way towards the topic 🤷🏻‍♂️. Also maybe it’s time to just spill all the beans….these protected sources aren’t letting you guys break the news!!!!
He lures people in with the promise of great secrets and instead grifts and tries to become a hipster version of Joe Rogan who doesn’t know how to produce a podcast, let alone a documentary.
Great show!
I would love to just get more information sometimes there is a lot of talking about how clear and how much respect they have and the pressure and truth. It would be good if they could get to the point and give us the report information. Maybe Let the listener decide from the information given.
This podcast is not great unless you are already well-versed in the information sphere that these guys exist in. It would be a good supplement if you are already deep into the lore & the news of these topics. The podcast seems more dedicated to having a forum for them to defend themselves against forum trolling and punditry, or perhaps provide entertainment to those who are in-the-know, than it is to provide news on topics in the UAP/UFO world. They do not have a show that is formatted for the casual listener, as they frequently name drop, story drop, or engage in esoteric discussions about he-said, she-said accusations from the media towards their circle or themselves. They will frequently go off on tangents about vague media accusations about their or others character or credibility. Otherwise, I think the two themselves are good hearted & credible people who are doing this in the best interest of the general public. I just wish the content was actually geared towards the beneficiaries of the information, i.e., general public.
Very informative. Your discussion & interviews are excellent. Keep up the great work.