Reviews For My Perfect Console with Simon Parkin

Thoughtful conversations with a diverse, mature roster of guests.
The guests are lovely, interesting people, but what I appreciate the most about this show is Simon’s interview style. He’s generous and kind, and asks great, well-informed questions. The format and premise of the show are brilliant, too. It’s about games, but it’s really about people—their thoughts, feelings and desires, and their relationships to games and others.
I downloaded this on a whim to hear the Phil Fish interview. Before I knew it, I was listening to Ashly Burch and Henk Rogers describe their perfect gaming console's games. This host is a fantastic interviewer and asks really insightful questions. Designing an interview around what is essentially a top five games list is so original and opens up the conversation so well. Keep it up. This is one of the great ones.
Definitely a delight to listen to. No knowledge of video games required.
This is a fun spin on the usual “Discuss game developers story” format. Love the insight it offers! A new favorite!
Based on the first episode, really looking forward to this podcast! And by sheer serendipity, I had just finished and enjoyed Mr. Parkin’s book “A Game of Birds and Wolves,” when The Besties recommended this.
here on the behest of Chris Plante of The Besties. love the format, the thoughtful questions, and the snippets of video game music. looking forward to more!