The Therapy Crouch

Reviews For The Therapy Crouch

Such a great podcast! I love how honest, hilarious, and warm Peter and Abby are! I want to be their friend!
Best couple podcast, ever! Period.
I love Peter Crouch, he is clearly an intelligent guy and a great footballer who broke the mould in many respects. Abby, if your kids are exhibiting signs of being annoying and privileged then that is on you
Listening from Chicago! Love listening to you both, you are absolutely lovely. Found you on tik tok and you’ve become my number one podcast. I’m in my late 20’s, single and dating and this podcast is hilarious!
Listening from Tennessee in the states! *Tn pass the pod Ambassador Putting everyone onto this brilliance. I love this soo much! Me and my misses are listening and you guys simply highlight similarities in our relationship! This podcast rekindles fires!


Absolutely brilliant podcast. Love love love it.