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Dude even awesome on podcasts love to listen keep it up
Steve is awesome as a biz man, rumbler, and, Podcaster. Too notch.


By K_1220
Uncle Timmy is the worst part of all of your videos and podcasts. Seems like he’s just tolerated by everyone because he won’t get the hint to go away
Tim bader needs to be full time host here energy unmatched
Honestly best podcast i actually enjoy listening to this especially at work great work Steve and can’t forget about producer Celina
Natural flow discussions with nothing forced and Steve’s amazing humour. Podcast is entertaining and keeping you current with the content creator trends 🔥


Best podcast out so far recommend a listen for everyone !! 🐐
Mr world wide king of the internet
This podcast is so awesome F YouTube


By Zwinz57
Unreal podcast!!! Every episode gets better and better!! Keep up the great work!
The banter between celina and Steve is hilarious 😂 hope to see Steve adding more guests soon!


By 1of1ak
u da goat 🐐
I legit named my dog after you. Keep up the great work!!
Brad sold me drugs…
Listening to Steve talk uninterrupted made me realize how dumb he really is. Not sure if this guy ever graduated high school but he might want to repeat a couple years with all of this free time.
Love the Pod bro! Excited to see how entertaining it will get! Nothing but blessings bro!
U rock Steve keep it going
Dude always shows loves to everyone and I just respect everything he stands for and does, keep doing your thing bro!
Nobody can stop this man! Waited for a long time for this!!
I’m always waiting for you to drop. Love hearing you rant. Let’s get longer podcast !!
Longer podcast plzzz
Love Steve. He might be the one to make Rumble bigger than YouTube
If was ever to get rich I’d do the same thing with money
Great podcast, I would recommend it to listeners anyway of the week! 🤙🏻🤙🏻


By algoxi
Steve will do it best! For sure!
Great talk love the authentic conversation and openness of the conversation 🔥🔥
Love you Steve!
Been waiting on this‼️
Steve you’re the Goat man! Love your videos and the podcast will be a great new thing. Much support ! 🐐💯💯
Greatest man alive!
Solid podcast, Could use more planning
Steve is hilarious. I’ve been watching his videos for a while now!


Solid show keep it up Steve !
i love listening make them longer steve


🔥 pod
Great podcast!


Man Litterly gets canceled and then still popped w Steve
Absolute legenddddddddddddd
Must listen!
Best podcast
Great pod
Steve is the only person we can trust in this country