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Great podcast. Dan is a wonderful storyteller of a fascinating tale!
What a fun and interesting story. I loved it! The only thing that bothers me is that Dan and I aren’t best friends
What a witty and charming storyteller! One of the most unexpected and delightful podcasts, I have listened to in a long time! You will not be disappointed.


It might’ve been an interesting story, but the host wants to make it too much about himself. Also, the style and tone is too silly given the subject matter. It’s very unserious in an attempt to be entertaining but ends up being narcissistic.
I needed a binge. Something to keep my mind occupied on a long day of laborious tasks. And, wow, did this podcast do the trick. It is absolutely fascinating. And nuanced. And funny. And a real labor of love, it is clear. I started out knowing nothing about Svetlana and ended it feeling real envy of the people who had known her.
Wonderful storytelling of Svetlana but the ads were many and the volume of the ads out of control.
This is a fantastic podcast. Dan balances humor and pathos to create an addictive and loving look at Svet and her crazy story.
Thank you for telling this beautiful story with such love and enthusiasm. It is an inspiring life that she lived and we could all learn to be a little more like Svetlana in our own courageous, approach with life.
I love this podcast! I love the 3 acts template, the host is interesting and I love this slice of history I never knew. Dan, please make another one!
Great story, really well told. Love the humor and passion thought out.
What an extraordinary podcast! Fascinating story, thoroughly researched, well told, entertaining, serious yet funny! I read Rosemary Sullivan’s book Stalin’s Daughter some 10 years ago and knew I had to listen to this podcast when it came out, and I am so glad I did. I so admire and appreciate Dan’s enthusiasm for Svetlana and her passion for life in spite of all her losses and heartaches. Yes, Dan, Svetlana’s story has meant something to me. Thank you! I’ll be listening to this again, soon.
I had no clue who Sletvana was before this podcast. I started listening because I was intrigued by an ad. I found this to be a fascinating story and I would recommend it to anyone. Also, I enjoyed the humor dispersed through out. Well done!
This was such a refreshing podcast! Absolutely love Dans energy telling Svetlana's story. So many interesting twists and turns that come together with humor and empathy for an iconic woman.
The most entertaining history lesson I’ve ever heard. I want that Frank Lloyd Wright podcast now! I couldn’t get enough of this. Looked forward to it each week and each episode had moments that made me laugh. Love Dan’s humor!
It was fun to listen to Daniel’s excellently researched take on an aspect of history that I previously knew nothing about. His narration, and especially his asides to the listener, made this very enjoyable.
Dan has done an incredible job telling Svetlana’s story. I laughed, I cried, I devoured each episode. You need to listen!
I enjoyed this so much! Daniel is so funny. Would love to have a drink with him!! Great storytelling.
I have enjoyed this podcast so much and am quite sad to see it finished. Please tell more stories Daniel, you have a gift!
You can tell the narrator truly loves his subject. He tells the story with grace, respect, and humor.
The story is fascinating, yes, but Daniel does it so much service and I cannot stop listening. I am recommending to everyone. And I laugh out loud on my walks while listening. Thank you. More podcasts, Daniel.


By Calixar
Ditch your stage play version of this, get a production deal with Netflix or Hulu… this story needs to be told as a series. Episode one needs to be expanded (with material from 20 Letters) into season one!
I love love love this podcast!! Not only is it incredibly interesting, it is so entertaining!! Dan is hilarious and I want to totally be friends with him! I hope he does more podcasts after this because I am here for it!! I would love to listen to Dan talk about his life or the scripts he’s writing!! Whatever it is I’ll listen!


By ttrret
I freaking love this podcast so much that I’m writing my first ever review, great job everyone!
Quirky story taken to the next level by the host who gets the right note of funny, warm, bittersweet and light storytelling. Great
An fun podcast about a unusual character. So much research clearly went into this and it’s super bingeable. Really enjoying it.
I just binged this podcast and I can’t wait for new episodes. The host makes this podcast and I hope he does more in the future!
I love his enthusiasm and the story is incredible. This style is what podcasting is supposed to be - the narrator puts himself into it! Heart and soul and doesn't do dry narration. You have to be into that though, if not, I warned you.
Dan, you’re a hoot. The story is fabulous but made special by your wit! Do make more podcasts, please.
Please make more podcasts! Fascinating story and entertaining storytelling. Not your average history podcast ;)
Very fascinating topic but unfortunately the narration and music come off as trying to be campy but comes across as hammy.
Fascinating story told by a great host who balances heartwarming with hilarious
I was sucked into this podcast from the first episode. Dan’s storytelling style is captivating and hilarious. I love hearing his take and how Svetlana’s story impacted his own life. He’s true to himself and relatable. (Unlike some hosts who pretend they’re journalists when they’re so clearly not. Or at least not good ones.) Highly recommend!
Love this podcast. He tells her story so well. It’s like a great book that you just can’t put down. There are many funny and witty parts and it’s very entertaining and interesting. We really enjoyed it!
I don't usually write negative reviews about podcasts, but this one is the quintessential example of a good story combined with bad narration. I got through two episodes before deciding I'd rather read Svetlana's Wikipedia page than continue listening to Dan talking about how Dan is writing a play about Svetlana and about his personal obsession and speculation about her. He has a good time with it, and you may too, but I found his narrative style distracting from an otherwise fascinating topic.
I was skeptical coming in. I usually listen to dry historical stuff and wasn’t sure about the first peaks into Daniel’s life and creative process. He and Svetlana won me over. This podcast is a breath of fresh air. I love how he uses his life to tell her story without centering himself. I think his ability to poke fun at himself while also poking fun at Svetlana’s experiences removed much of the snark I’ve found in similarish podcasts. Bravo!
This story is fascinating and Dan does a great job going beyond storytelling and bringing this to life. Interesting interviews and clips and funny quips and jokes along the way. More, Dan. Please make more.
The host can get a little bit too cheesy
Fascinating - almost unbelievable - story. Love the podcaster, too!
Appreciate Dan’s creative and vulnerable story telling in this wacky story
This one is a great listen!! Host is hilarious and engaging!! Only on ep 3 and I can’t get enough!!! Please make more podcasts!!! LOVE THIS!!
This podcast is seriously so interesting and entertaining, but the very best part is Dan. He is hilarious and I would listen to him talk about traffic patterns. He’s that much fun. Tune in and find your new best friend.
I’m a huge “podcast person” with a particular affinity for fun historical nonfiction, and this is the best historical nonfiction podcast I’ve listened to in a long time (maybe ever?!). Svetlana’s story is captivating and the primary source content is incredible. Dan cracks me up without distracting from the story, paints complicated historical events into approachable vignettes, and treats each character with empathy and respect. More more more!!!
The host will perk up when he talks about himself, trying too hard to make himself as interesting of a person as Svetlana.
Just so you know, if you just want to hear about Svetlana and anything else will make you explode like a volcano, you can leave now. Maybe reading the autobiography would be better for you! Dan really brings energy and enthusiasm to this delightfully intense story! I love the little side stories and the jokes are nice. The actual story is fantastic too, and I really feel like I got to know Svetlana.
I hadn’t heard the story of Svetlana, and the host makes it an intriguing listen. His enthusiasm is contagious and his good-natured humor is a pleasure! I loved it and will be looking out for more podcasts by Dan Kistrosser.
This is really interesting and a blast to listen to. For all the, “The host blah blah blah…”. The host is a huge part of why you’re listening to it. You can listen to this story on a bunch of other podcasts. It’s a pretty well known story that happens to be adjacent to other well known interesting stories. I love the host and look forward to giggling on my bus ride home from work.
This story is fascinating. But, Dan, please don’t ever stop making podcasts! I’d listen to you walk me through any story.
This podcast is a documentary, but also offers a peek into the storytellers life. If that sounds good to you, this podcast is good at both of those things. For what it’s worth, I care that you’re gay and from Portland, Dan.