The Petcast

Reviews For The Petcast

Great podcast. I have to admitI do like Steve a bit more at times when he wants to ask tougher questions, but overall it is a great podcast to be enjoyed by all that love pets.
My favorite podcast! Emily and Steve are bright, articulate, and interesting. They clearly care about animals and seem to find great quirky subjects. Kind of like "This American Life" meets animals and animal lovers.
The Best Podcast- I listen to it all the time... i used to listen to many others, but none took the cake quite like this one.
I just stumbled across this podcast a few weeks ago. At that time the earliest episode that was available was # 22. Now the Earliest Episode is # 27. I know there is a 1 st episode because I checked the website and they had 1-76. Other than that the podcast is awsome.