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thats about it. the characters are flat and the pilot is hard to listen to
You need to put more episodes of it together because I don’t think I want to wait anymore to see what happens next.
I think the worst episode is episode 0 it really spooked me and gave me a hard time. I like the rest of them but episode 0 is the worst and i really don’t like it. So if i were you i would probably not watch i and i wish it were deleted
I love this podcast!!
I tried so hard to listen to the first episode but I have never had to go back so much and listen to certain parts again because they have moments where they are just spewing all this information at you at once and they are doing it at 100 mph and it’s really frustrating and makes it really hard to get engaged and you get completely Lost and have to go back and I had to go back over 50 times I swear to God . I have never Ever had to go back and re-listen because I couldn’t focus on a story until this show it was crazy . If I can ever get through q first episode and if it gets better I will change rating
Worth the listen!
I couldn’t handle it
I love how it’s audio is surround sound& you really need to pay attention to the story line( only listen to episode 1). This definitely helps with anxiety because of needing to pay attention. Will listen to it while traveling.
Folks, I’m a huge fan of great stories. I want to give this 5 stars. But don’t give into the world’s insistence that you need F-bombs to be descriptive.
I really enjoyed it. The sound effects are amazing!
An exhilarating experience. I’ve always liked action movies and now I can get the same experience anywhere through Intra Quest
Best production quality I’ve heard in a fiction podcast.
Story is fun and engaging, the production quality is superb particularly all the audio effects! Highly recommend!
The storyline was incredible. Loved the 3D audio, felt like I was in a new world
I enjoyed the ride and look forward to the next episode.
This show is meta… incredible sound design!
Unlike any podcast I’ve heard before. One of a kind and worth the listen!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!
This is amazing. Love it. Such a cool listening experience. Cant wait for more!
This was a really fun listen with an engaging and creative storyline backed by really high quality sound effects. Highly recommend
I’m in it too, but I wouldn’t have been if I didn’t love it ❤️❤️❤️


By TomD00
Siiiiiick show. What all scripted podcasts should be like!
Super well done
Full disclosure, I’m in this! Sounds great!!!!
Wahoo!! Here for the wild ride! Sounds AMAZING
The trailer sounds great ~ the 3D sounds seems super cool. Can’t wait to hear more!
Really cool listening experience! The 3D-audio brought the show to life 😀
The trailer sounds terrific 😃 Looking forward to listening!
Very very excited for this show. Sound design is top notch. Characters, story and world seem great. Can’t wait to hear more!
Super excited for the first ep to drop. Love adventure!