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need more recent podcasts......please! love your mixes!
Tommy always delivers. I look forward to all his new podcasts.
These mixes are perfect!!! never a dull moment and such a positive and upbeat rhythm. i can't live without his music and i'm getting my spinning teacher at the gym to use them as well. KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!! YOU'RE AMAZING!
I downloaded this yesterday afternoon and took it to the gym this morning and I loved it. We need a new podcast everyday please.
Just Hott Hott Hott
Awesome!!! Yeap it's like being at my fav Gay club!!! keep it going!!!!! I want moreee!!!
This is Amazing (dats right with a capital A, bit**es)... need I say more?


By cvrlaw
pls continue
Love this podcast. It's like spending at hour on the dance floor at a great gay club. I hope Tommy Scott continues to produce this podcast on a frequent basis.