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I’ve listened to many of the episodes. Most podcasts I listen to have a pitch for a product or service. So the mention of their travel and tour services in this podcast is no big deal. I enjoy the podcasts and have learned quite a bit about Hawaii travel. In fact I’m planning a trip for next year!
Greetings from Earth, TX.... just wanted to let you know I've really enjoyed listening to the podcast. It's nice to hear advice from a local's perspective. I'd love to hear more about the history of the tiki and the tiki bar. Also any great Tiki Bars to check out while in Hawaii?


I enjoyed the show so much that I am using Aloha Bruce and his Ohana to book some of our activities (sorry we didn't find you sooner). Yaling's corner is always a treat. Lanai has taught me the real spirit of Aloha ‘āina. The love of the island is more that just a phrase or simply appreciating the beauty of Hawaii It goes much deeper than that. It is also the love of the people and respecting their culture and traditions. It is a rare language that can encompass so much in so few words. If you can come away with that than I say that this is a great show.


Bruce. I really appreciate the podcast and all the valuable info you continue to share about my favorite place. Mahalo!
We always get helpful ideas about new places to visit & things to do on our annual trip to the islands!
My wife and I recently returned from our Hawaiian honeymoon which was booked through Hawaii-Aloha Travel. About three years ago I stumbled onto the HAT podcast and that set the stage for planning the trip from which we just returned. HAT did a superb job putting together a wonderfully memorable trip.
I enjoy this podcast and the helpful tips from Aloha Bruce!
For anyone planning a trip to hawaii this show is informative as well as entertaining.
(Note - previous negative comments are obviously not the targeted podcast demographic and their "reviews" should be disregarded.) As a fellow podcast host I am extremely picky when it comes to the podcasts that I listen to. Sound quality, content, entertainment value and consistency are all things I look for in a podcast I subscribe to. I love Hawaii so when you combine my love for the subject matter and the requirements stated above - I must say this podcast is in my top five. I find the idea of a business using this form of media to not only create brand awareness while providing solid information to be absolutely brilliant. Who better to learn about Hawaii from than someone who not only lives there but who's job is to actually encourage travel there? When we decided to plan our next trip to Maui I told my husband I wouldn't hear of using any other travel agency because of the podcast. It helps me get to know Bruce and Yaling as travel agents and lets me know I can trust their suggestions! Keep up the good work!
I have been listening to Bruce for about a year and a half. His podcasts are great to listen to and he provides lots of great information. During our last trip, we used a number of the tips in the podcases to make our last trip much better! Great job Bruce! Your podcast is an asset to the podcasting community!!
Unhelpful and inaccurate information. Esp about where to stay in Maui. The couple runs a travel agency. The podcast is their means to advertise their business. They call themselves "locals", yet he is from Miami and she, Japan. Sorry guys: Living in Hawaii doesn't make you a local, but a whitey that's running a business in Hawaii.
Bruce and Yaling do a great job. Loads of info on Hawaii—their specialty. People may be critical of Yaling but if you give her a chance and get out of your element a little (after all there are more Asians than you on this planet) she and Bruce are very entertaining. Especially if you love Hawaii. If you don't, stay home it's already crowded enough.
I am dreaming of a trip to the islands (someday) and this podcast helps me dream. Kudos to Bruce and Yaling for putting out a very informative podcast!
I have listened to this podcast and have also follow Bruce's tweets and have actually met Bruce and his wife Yaling on a couple of my trips to Hawaii. I have found this podcast very helpful because they live in Hawaii and are always going out and doing things for example going to events and restaurants and are giving me information that is so interesting. I also appreciate their honesty about what they like and dislike and they really do an interesting podcast in part because they both have so much personality. I must admit if all you want is a travel guide that just lists restaurants this is not what this podcast does, however, I have been following Bruce's podcasts for years and the way that he and Yaling give out information about Hawaii makes the podcast entertaining as well as informative. I realize that they also have a travel company and note that they are giving information to everyone and answer questions for those that may or may not book their trip through their company. For this reason, I don't think that it is fair to knock this podcast because they have a travel company because this podcast is so entertaining and helpful. Keep up the good work Bruce and Yaling!
We had a problem with our return flight from Kauai last year, due to an error by the airline. Yaling was the first human I could get on the phone - neither of the two airlines who fumbled our reservation would answer at 6:30 am on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, her cheerful Chinese accent was the best sound in the world! She couldn't create a seat where none existed, but she got us put up at a fabulous resort with meals paid for by the offending airline. She's just that good, and that concerned about every customer. This podcast is an unvarnished look at the actual human beings who run Hawaii Aloha Travel - the real founders and owners. They're not media pros but they are Hawaii travel experts and they answer the phone personally when you need them.
We've been to Hawaii 3 times now. The first trip was booked here at home thru an agent and that last two trips I did manually through the Internet with good luck. However listening to the podcast I hear things to do and places to see I wasn't familiar with and that's really helpful. I get a good sense Bruce and Yaling are really interested in people having a good time on their Hawaiian vacation. They both seem very down to Earth and their agency is one I would consider on our next trip.
I have read some of the reviews and almost didn't d/l the podcast but decided to anyway. I am glad i did, the show is good. First off Bruce makes no bones about the fact that the show is sponsored by his company, he does a little intro and it's no big deal. The content is great, he talks about topic and it very informative. I sampled several shows and I don;t see how this is a commercial for the agency at all, in fact I have heard Bruce say on a few of the shows that he is not telling people to book necessarily with him but with people know the islands. He is basically giving free advice. I don;t fault him for wanting to use the podcast to promote his business, i give him credit. People who are out here dissing Bruce because he is using this as a vehicle to communicate with customers and potential customers really don't get what podcasting is all about. He is putting himself out here, yes sometimes it's raw, but I think thats what makes this a great show and a honest one at that. We need more company owners like this guy!!
If you're looking for information to help plan a trip to Hawaii, you're probably smart to keep looking. There is some useful information in these podcasts but, as others have said, they are primarily an advertisement for a travel agency. Bruce is anything but concise so he will digress to talk about liking some Korean food but not others. Which ones? He will tell you. Amidst the plugs and digressions there is some useful information here but the amount of fluff you have to sit through to get there is not worth it. Ironically, if Bruce had put out a focused podcast that was a little more useful and a little less self-serving I would be more inclined to pick up the phone and patronize his business.
This podcast is probably the least professional of several that I’ve listened to. The two hosts are a husband and wife team, Bruce and Yaling Fischer, the owners of Hawaii-Aloha Travel. The podcast is essentially an advertisement for their agency, not that I have a problem with them wanting to promote their company, but often they spend much of the time on advertising and not on more useful content. A podcast will typically be 2 or so minutes of introduction/advertising, 10 minutes of “content”, finished with 8 minutes of reviewing recently booked trips through their agency (which Bruce tries to talk up as a really fun game!). The review time is very self serving, as Bruce is always amazed how “great” the deals are. Ya Ling speaks broken English, which is very difficult to understand including for Bruce who often is lost at her weak attempts at jokes. When Bruce is talking, she’ll often make comments in the background which she’ll laugh at with her piercing laugh. When she is talking, Bruce will often have to stop her to clarify or restate what she said so that it can be understood and so that it is accurate information. She often mispronounces words, and shows that 15+ years in America haven’t helped her learn to add an ‘s’ at the end of plural nouns. Though, for as long a Bruce has lived in Hawai’i, one would expect him to be a bit better with his Hawaiian pronunciations, which are incorrect at times. I am not bigoted, I simply want to listen to correct pronunciations and voices more suitable for podcasting. Bruce can be very condescending with his commentary. He mocks questions people ask (I’m sure he hears some questions repeatedly, and I’m sure some are off the wall, but is fairly intolerant of ignorance). They mentioned a question on air about whether it was possible to visit Pearl Harbor and the Dole Plantation using public transportation. A polite response would be to say that it is possible, but explain that it would take a long time and inconvenient. Instead the response was initially laughter and then to “spring a little bit” “it’s Christmas…dig a little deeper” and “no wonder they want to go to Pearl Harbor, it’s free.” Nice and judgmental. They continued to scoff at their hotel preferences, saying that those were cheap. He was probably upset that his commission would be smaller. Maybe not everyone can afford a 5 star vacation and want to save money. Just a thought. Speaking of star ratings, they often add a star to the ratings saying that a certain property is rated better than it really is. They talk up many less than exciting properties due to deals that they have as travel agents with those properties. They are a business and are trying to inflate their bottom line, but at times it is beyond excessive. They are rather easily distracted and end up on tangents. The tangents are rarely informative; usually they revolve around what their plans are when they are done with the podcast (“should we go to the gym? I’m feeling fat…[insert two minute conversation about whether they are fat.]) Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the podcast is how impressed with themselves they are. They mock attractions and celebrities as if someone who cares is listening. They have talked about Donald Trump and William Shatner as if those two listen to the podcast and will somehow be affected by the criticism of two travel agents. But maybe Bruce is a big deal. After all, he is so important that he doesn’t have to be concerned with the contact information of his staff of agents, frequently requiring Yaling to provide him with the right information. I did not want to judge this podcast on only one or two episodes, so I suffered through several of them, which I feel has given me a more accurate view of the true quality of this podcast. If you are looking for a travel agent, they may provide good service, but if you are looking for a good podcast, keep looking.
I really enjoy listening to Bruce and Yaling, they are great! It is obvious that they know the islands inside out and I am so glad they share all that great information because even though I have been to the islands several times, I am finding out about places and events that I never knew existed! I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is planning to travel to the islands or just want to keep current on local events. Mahalo!
the podcast CAN be helpful... but the woman's very broken english is distracting . i think Mr Fisher should do this podcast solo , or with a more audible partner. I'm just sayin'
It sounded like there was relevent content in this podcast, advertising withstanding, but Ya Ling's voice and approach completely turned me off. She's probably a fine & energetic person but it doesn't translate well in this podcast at all.
I am planning a trip to Hawaii this year and I did not find this podcast to be very informative. It is bascially a podmercial for their travel agency, and is taped in their house with what sounds like only 1 mic with occasional background noises like chimes (is the TV on in the background??). Previews hype features that never materialize and the authors amuse each other with time-wasting side comments.
This is a great and informative podcast. I have listened to almost all of the previous shows,and every one of them is great! Bruce and Ya Ling Yu are very knowledgeable of the travel industry in Hawaii. I will be booking my next trip with them. While some may say this is just an advert for the travel agency, I say it is that and more. Yes, they do plug the travel agency, that is why they do this I suspect, and it has paid off for them. Good for them. But they also give valuable information about travelling to Hawaii and also at the end of each podcast they tell about the packages that were booked by their agents and the prices involved. That gives people an idea about the costs involved in a trip to the islands. Good job guys and keep up the good work. big mac in Oregon
This podcast might have some helpful information if you can get past the plug for this travel agency. Topics that were advertised were spoken about for about two minutes. Also, the woman's laugh is ear piercing and made me turn the thing off completly.
This is a great podcast..alot of usefull information and great tips.Bruce and yalling both do a wonderful job.They really know the islands of hawaii and i enjoy listening to there podcast.
i have been to hawaii MANY, MANY times and this is not that informative of a podcast as far as objective hawaii info goes. hotel property recomendations are questionable at times but this is great for a budget traveler just remeber thier 5 star recomendations are more like 3-4. i still can't believe they recommend Outrigger on the reef. i stayed there in september for one night $280 D.U.M.P.