Reviews For podcast – It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast

This podcast sets a new standard for all other podcasts. It is incredible. The variety of the acoustic songs is really nice, and the whole set is incredibly relaxing. This is a great podcast to just unwind to. Plus, you get to hear England's best acoustic acts!
Graham Holland provides an excellent showcase of UK acoustic musicians--a great resource for both listeners and musicians. He is always showcasing new acts I want to explore further. Graham knows the genre well being an active folk musician in his own right--we've featured his music on our own Coffee and Tea Show podcast. This is a Very Important Show disguised as a laidback and friendly good time. Subscribe. Have all your friends subscribe. Get your grandmother to subscribe (once you teach her how to listen to a podcast.) ~Laura
Graham Holland produces a great acoustic music podcast that is unpretentious, laid back and straightforward. Produced every couple of weeks and lasting just under an hour, it’s like having a chat with a good friend at the end of a long day.