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This pod has the real feel good vibes that keeps me super joyous for whatever reason and look forward to this all werk
Great interview, loved hearing Thomas talk about his development and craft.
The interviews that Jake conducts are particularly worthwile and the rest of the Deathwish crew are also great.
I enjoyed listening to the best podcast in music


Suh Dues. Breh this podc Aye Dis show so Free Omg this is lifer Maaaaaaaan Like dis so much death Bruh Bruh Bruh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Can't Stop Won't Stop Caleb and Mark and Chris and Rich and Brobo! Suh Dues. Please read this on the "air" As insue the Hilarity will bring. Suh Due.
5/5 grilled muffins.
One of my favorite podcasts. Very entertaining and really informative. Keep them coming!
Exactly what an ensemble podcast should be. Good news on record release and tours for the label, but where Deathtalk really shines is the rapport between the crew: muffin talk, inside jokes, hashtag creation. Shows the fun side of people who are into hard music. Love all the segments. I love out loud everytime brobo makes an appearance.
truly an epic pod
I just really want to be BFFs with these guys. Also, Miserable Chris is my spirit animal. 🙌🏼


This podcast is the reason I eat Poptart's and sleep at night. Husky Leon is the star of the show.
I love this podcast but I wish there was more of the dialogues
He's the new Eric The Actor.
Very funny and a good way too keep up with new deathwish music
This is honestly my first review for anything on iTunes because I like it that much. Big DW fan so the insight into the label is interesting. Mark steals the show, Caleb is great, Chris is miserable (in an endearing way) and Rich is okay, I guess (I don't think he catches enough flack for how much he dishes out haha). But great job, guys. Keep killing it.
great podcast network, love all the programming
Gold. Mark and Rich kill it. Caleb and Chris are alright.. Always look forward to checking this out.
Absolutely hilarious and downright informative when it comes to all things Deathwish. I love Rich's movie reviews. I'll never hear grape fruit juice the same way again. Keep meaning to call in but keep forgetting. Bravo. One of my favorite podcasts.


Cool New Tunes jingle changed my life. Let it change yours.
For catching up with the latest deathwish news and hearing friends burn each other in sarcasm this podcast is worth your time.
The Pat Kindlon episodes are entertaining but the deathtalk episodes are weak.
Just real amazing stuff