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I am the father of an eight year old boy. I listened to this podcast faithfully while he was in the womb and it helped me be a much better and more informed father to be. I firmly believe that I was a better partner for my wife as a result of listening to this podcast. I should have given this amazing podcast a great review years ago. I refer my friends to it when they are first time parents.
Pregtastic- thank you for being such a wonderful source of encouragement and information for this first time mom. I thoroughly enjoy each and every episode, hearing from and relating to the panel & laughing out loud alongside you all at times. I have learned so much from listening (e.g. rodent droppings can carry deadly to your fetus airborne viruses- and I having just swept out our shed full of rat turds- learned from the show and was able to alert my Midwife and receive the appropriate testing & follow up. No where else had I been told this! So ladies, it's not just the kitty box to steer clear of..) Thank you so much, I tell all of my friends to tune in!!
I'm bummed this podcast hasn't continued. I'm from San Diego and wish I could get involved if it were still going!
I only listened to a little bit of episode 90. I had a stillbirth in June and thought it might help to listen to support. I didn't make it very far because all the ppl talking are pregnant. Talking about their pregnancy and their excitement and all of that. Seeing as it's an episode specifically for miscarriage, you would think maybe you wouldn't put so much emphasis on that. I had to turn it off. I personally don't have any living children so I guess I can't relate to the "I'm due next week I'm so excited" talk. Wasn't expecting all of that :'(
Very helpful! I've only heard about 20 out of 200 and I've learned so much. Learning while being entertained. The women on the show are very honest and funny!
I am 8months pregnant with my first baby - absolutely love this resource!!! Such a wealth of information and helps me feel up to speed with the latest on pregnancy and birth without having to buy all the books etc! Listen to a couple and you'll be hooked! Really appreciate hearing all the different birth experiences :). Thank You!
I love this podcast. I have listened to every episode and I think there is a lot of good information. The 2 ups and 2 downs start to get old really quick though in my opinion. (the same old stuff everyweek!) I don't even listen to them anymore, I try to skip ahead to the "meat" of the show.
Absolutely amazing!!! I listened to every single episode while walking my dogs 3 miles every morning...& it has brightened my pregnancy!! I have learned so much! Thank you!!
Look for "Preggie Pals"!! Sunny hosts. :-)
Love this podcast! When will there be new episodes?
I listened to this podcast in late 2009 - early 2010 during my first pregnancy. The episodes were longer and more in depth. I wouldn't know how valuable the information would be until I had my baby 5 weeks early on a day I was supposed to have a prenatal class. The podcast gave me some insight and preparation into topics I missed in class, and was a great compliment to the few prenatal classes I did attend. The birthing stories give real life insight into events that might not be covered in a class, such as what to expect in a NICU situation or home birthing. I've started listening to the podcast again, this time as preconception preparation. I'm saddened by the shortened episode length. The 30 minute episodes are far too short to properly address some important topics. Even multi-episode topics, like the twins episode, can't get past summarizing, and the guests don't have as much opportunity to ask questions. The older, longer episodes are much better.
I've been listening to Pregtastic since I found out I was pregnant. It was a great companion when we weren't telling anyone else our news! The interviews are fantastic, production quality great, and I love following the panelists every week. Great job!
I've listened to this podcast throughout my pregnancy, and I love it! Give it a shot.
There was a hostess change and at the same time the whole structure of the podcast changed as well as the amount of time they spend recording. The older episodes are FAR better than the more recent ones. I suggest listening to the episodes in the order they were recorded. Why? The older episodes have 2 ups/ 2 downs during every show, so you can see how they relate to where you are in your pregnancy. They also say how far along they are, not their due date (which doesn't help if you don't have the date it was recorded handy). This allows you to associate with the different podcasters and recognize who they are... the newer podcasts I have trouble even remembering how many women are recording. They also haven't responded to anything I've written to them via their website.
I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast since my first trimester. Its fun, the production quality is good, they are modern moms who have similar lifestyles that I do (living in a larger metropolitan area), they have (mostly) great interviews and great info/advice. I do suggest it to all my pregnant friends...with one word of caution... For those who are committed/convicted to a no-intervention home, birth center or hospital birth, the majority of the women in this podcast don't have the same perspective. They talk about the birth/labor in a way that is just not in line with an all natural childbirth and isn't too encouraging to those of us who are going this route. They seem to doubt that childbirth can be (is!) a wonderful thing to look forward to and enjoy in the midst of the physical experience. Sometimes I can ignore the negative/pro intervention talk regarding the labor and doctors, but there have been podcasts that I have had to stop and not listen to because of the way they talk about labor discomfort and interventions. If you are nervous about the labor, then definitely read the names of each episode and avoid the ones regarding labor. Also - especially for people who aren't sure which route to go, I HIGHLY suggest doing your own research, talking to women who have had a natural childbirth with little to no intervention rather than take these (well intending) ladies' advice on that. EVERYONE should read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - the stories are so encouraging! I do like listening to the birth stories, but I really have to be discerning and shut out a lot of what the women say. With all that said, I do continue to listen, and the majority of it is fun and informative. San Diego seems to have amazing childbirth resources - I'm jealous!
Awesome advice! Entertaining! Always something different. Thank you ladies
I started listening to the show the day after I found out I was pregnant. I'm now 25 weeks and don't know what I would do without this show! It's a great premise and a valuable resource! Keep it up!
I started listening to Pregtastic as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I love hearing the panelists' ups and downs and their birthing stories. I love the wide variety of relevant topics covered in the podcast. Pregtastic is a valuable resource for any pregnant woman and I definitely recommend it!
Pegtastic is an amazing podcast that is informative and fun. My only complaint is that I wish the ups and downs were done every week, I love hearing from everyone!
Pregtastic has been such a great companion during my first pregnancy. The show is extremely informative and combines a high quality of professionalism of the experts with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere amongst the panelists. I really feel like I get to know the panelists and can't wait to hear their birthing stories. I even got my husband hooked on Pregtastic... Whenever we're in the car, he wants me to play a new episode. We've both learned a lot from the show, and I made a donation through their web site. If you love Pregtastic too, you should consider donating! I hope the show will be around for years to come.
Lots of fun to listen to and informative! I listened through my first and now second pregnancies!
I love Pregtastic. I am pregnant with my first child and I don't know where I'd be if it were not for this podcast. It is almost an obsession to listen to the podcasts and I often have to slow myself down so I don't listen to all the podcasts in one sitting. I find the topics and the birthing stories very helpful, as well as fairly balanced. I do see a tendency for the panelists to go for more natural childbirth, but there are also several others who do go the interventionist route (c-sections, epidurals, etc.) In either way, I don't get the sense that anyone judges anyone for their individual choices and that is what is so great about this podcast. It is so nice to hear experts on the panel, as well as people's individual stories. I feel a lot less "lost" when it comes to the topic of pregnancy. Sure, I am reading all of the typical pregnancy books, but listening to Pregtastic is almost like listening to fellow women "in the tribe" talk about pregnancy. Another great thing is that I live in San Diego like the Pregtastic panelists, so I know what they are talking about when they talk about different sites, hospitals, etc in the San Diego area. Keep up the good work! I've already recommended Pregtastic to 3 of my pregnat friends!
I'm going through my first pregnancy and it hurts so I've been listening to these podcast and there great
I am going through my third pregnancy now with Pregtastic and I couldn't live without it! Not only do you feel like you have a group of prego friends to bond with but you also get a wealth of information that even this third time mom loves. By far my Favorite pregnancy resource, and even when I'm not expecting I still love to listen to!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE PREGTASTIC!!!!! I'm so glad I have these podcasts to help me through my first pregnancy. I would be so lost without these ladies! I seriously listen to one every morning while getting ready for work... So informative and I can really relate to them!!!! Thanks!!!!
Great podcast. Professional, informative, entertaining. Hildreth Media Group really knows what they are doing. The guests are terrific. The interactions of the pregies are fun and helpful. I'm getting all of my friends hooked.
I started listening to the show when my husband and I were going through fertility treatments. I just wanted to be prepared. Then, when we became pregnant, I really enjoyed listening to the experts each week. I also loved getting to know the pregnant women- many of which were experiencing the same thing I was going through in my own pregnancy. The information is great and helpful for first-time parents and those parents who need a bit of a refresher before the next baby is born.
Pregtastic is the most well rounded, informative podcast for pregnant women. It offers a variety of topics without bias towards one way of thinking. The guests are experts in their perspective fields and the ladies are wonderful interviewers asking the questions we were thinking. Thank you, Pregtastic!
This podcast has great interviews and giveaways. As an expecting parent you can learn a lot. There is no bias and all types of birth are talked about. The only complaint I have is the 2 ups and 2 downs can really drag on. I'm glad they put it at the end of the show. It is cute to hear but sometimes it drags on for nearly half the show. I would rather they spend more time on the interview. Otherwise not bad. Very informative.
Love this podcast! I have learned so much as a first time preggo from this show. It has eased fears and entertained. I only wish it was more frequent. Still trying to catch up on old episodes. I recommend it to every one.
I stumbled upon this program in my 32nd wk pf pregnancy. I onlywish Itd been sooner. I only wish there were more frequent episodes.
I love pregtastic so much! I listen to it everyday on my commute to work. I have learned more from pregtastic than from all my baby books combined. I have finished all the more recent episodes and I am working my way through the entire backlog of episodes. Please keep up the good work.
We are ttc and the info has been awesome


By Jault
I am a guy and a soon to be father for the first time and these shows are helping me a lot. It's a great show. On a side note, the person who posted 1 Star and wrote "STUPID" is a moron. They do belong in Kids and Family because the podcast is abot that. And what does the comment "it's stupid especially if you were a guy" mean. Were a guy? Meaning you are no longer a guy? WTF! Idiot. Don't be like that person, get this podcast.
but why did you shorten the 2 ups and 2 downs? The informational-guest portion of the show is awesome but the best part is the interaction between the expectant moms> The common ailments and general fun are great! That's what people relate why shorten it to 1 up and 1 down? Please change it back to the original format! And what happened to Angela. I dont like the new hostess. Love the show regardless
This podcast is the best! I tell all my preggo friends to check it out. Having great expert advice and a community of women to gain from their experiance has put my pre pregnancy fears at ease. After listening to this podcast I feel empowered that I too can do this!
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and this is a great podcast to listen to! There tons of great topics that really open your eyes to all the options of pregnancy and childbirth.
We're expecting our first child shortly and this podcast has been crazy helpful -- from choosing a suitable baby carrier to giving birth at home. It's a great supplement to the books we've purchased, and often times we've found it even better. Thanks!


By BexOH
Just want to say that I love this podcast! I am 13 weeks prego & have learned so much. I love all the ladies too. Wish I lived in San Diego so I could join the fun! I will be listening to this podcast throughout my pregnancy & I'm looking forward to it. Thanks!
I can't believe how much I've learned! Just essential for moms to be!


By Julie>
They shouldn't have these in the KIDS and Family section!!' itz STUPID epesially if u were a guy!
A fantastic resource for moms-to-be! Listening to this podcast is one of the best parts of being pregnant. The topics are incredibly helpful; I feel so much more prepared to be a new parent. And I love listening to the progress of moms on the show -- they are like my own group of preggo friends! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for this amazing podcast.
I found this podcast shortly after testing positive for my first pregnancy. I have learned so much from listening to current and back episodes and feel like I am very well educated as to what to expect and what options I have in pregnancy, labor and early infant care. What is truly wonderful is that with a rotating group of podcasters no single opinion ever dominates, and multiple points of view are always considered. Also, although a great deal of information is presented, it is always done without scaring listeners - I've never freaked out after listening to an episode. Generally I'm just more excited, and often I feel my opinions and emotions have been validated. I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough.
This is a great podcast!! I am 35 weeks pregnant and have listened to the show since early in my pregnancy and have enjoyed it immensely! Two ups...and no downs for this podcast!
I love this podcast! I feel like I have a support group (except that I don't get to talk) of women that are going through the same things as me. The information is invaluable, I've learned so much. This is my first pregnancy and my fears have eased since I started listening and I feel much more informed.
this show is the best ever it makes the work day go by so incredibly quick.... im not even pregnant and my husband and i love to listen to the show
I have had during my pregnancy. With a husband in the Army and no sisters (just loads of brothers), I really look forward to the weekly conversation about all things pregnancy. Like meeting close friends for a cup of coffee. Plus, the information has been invaluable. They have covered everything I am learning in my childbirthing class, and then some. The women on PregTASTIC have taught me what I suspect is the most important lesson of pregnancy and childbirth- everyone has a completely different experience.
I love this podcast. I am trying to conceive and this has been very helpful in letting me know what to expect in the future. All the girls are smart, and make me feel like I am part of the group. I highly recommend this to those who are looking to have a child in the future and those who are expecting.
I love this podcast. It is informative and really shows you that no two pregnancies are alike. They have helpful information.