Reviews For Ken Druse REAL DIRT

Thanks again for an insightful and entertaining time that I am allowed to share with you.There is always a short idle part of the day I can listen to Ken and Vicki and gather a new piece of information about gardening. Very much appreciated.
I look forward to listening to this informative, intelligent podcast each week as I work in the garden. I've been a fan of Ken Druse's writing and photography for many years, and this venue offers a window on his garden and is a great adjunct to his books, offering a forum for his perspectives and views on subjects ranging from pure horticulture, to artistry in the garden, to current environmental issues. Cohost Vicki Johnson is an accomplished gardener and writer as well, and adds insight as well as occasional counterpoint to ideas expressed by Mr. Druse. I appreciate their providing gardening discourse several levels above that which is available through many call-in gardening shows.
I love the show, and hate the plant munching deer also. Your topics are diverse and your stories are engaging. The length of the pod cast is perfect for a listner to get hooked and enjoy, but not so long that it drags on. For all want to be gardeners it is a great spring board to get you started and keep you encouraged even when the deer eat your plants.