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When is another heaven going to come back??
I LOVE this podcast!!!! Even though its older, I still love it and would like more!! The talking in between the songs is great, it is helpful and also makes me laugh.:) !!!!!!DBSK!!!!!!!
Hi, I am a great fan of your podcast. So many songs I haven't heard but love were discovered by your podcast. However, and yes I know this is already a popular request, but can you put up popular anime songs on your podcasts? You know bleach, blood+, code geass, Higurashi, ghost in the shell, fullmetal alchemist (& brotherhood), and many more. That would be amazing! And you would get even more subscribers too I bet!
I miss Another Heaven! Another Heaven actually kept Kpop, Jpop, Krock, & Jrock alive. I want to hear Super Junior Songs. The new-er ones like, Bonamana. Ayumi Hamasaki, more DBSK, more of Big Bang like, Lollipop Pt. 2. G-Dragon and so much more. And if anything, I would love to be a DJ. :) Itunes needs DBSK, and what about Ayumi Hamasaki's New Album!? Rock N'Roll Circus album. More BoA. etc.
hi i did this around the time the contest began, for the g-d cd i was wondering who won???


Can you please put more Big Bang and 동방신기 songs? Also, 2ne1 is awesome, and I really want their new 날따라해봐요. And if you can, please put Lee Hyori's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on. Thanks
Hello Could you Please Play a Song From Bi Rain "Love Song" & "Hip Song" Also Super Junior's New Song "Bonamana" Thank you Very Much!
it's you and why I like you by super junior plz!!! (: can u plz write what song is in which episode?! thx!
thank you XD hehe.. i want more!X]
i like this because it's giving a very good variety of cultures and the music selection is great. Over all, i give five-stars for this podcast.
I am so thankful for this podcast. iTunes needs to add some more K-pop. I got so excited like many others when I saw Yoochun's picture lol. I love the variety of mucis and the commentary even if it is hard ot hear at times <3.
Live on J-Pop live on I love it!


By Yeahyae
Love that I can find podcasts like this!!!!!


can u please add shinee's ringdingdong and super junior's U


wedding dress by taeyang pleeaaase
I love your podcast was wondering if you could do Red Roc's "Hello" and T.O.P's "Like Nothing Happened" and Gummy's "I'm Sorry".
the 2 mv that gdragon featured in was storm by perry and run by se7en. if it's right could you just rather post the whole heartbreaker album as a podcast instead of mail me?
Hi i hav an answer for the contest bout d 2 MVs G-Dragon ft in! i think its storm by perry n fly gentlemen by yg family! not sure bout d 2nd answer! n plz put more kpop songs thx! ^^
you guys siad you guys were doing a contest I was wondering what is the contest about? [: and I love this station! <3
Hi! this is really cool! i hope you would upload Yearning of the Heart by A'st1... thnx! and keep up the good work!
iTunes should have more asian music. These podcasts are just the beginning but if they were to put asian music on the market (is this the right term to use?) then they could probably be able to make more profits. Many people like and love asian music and those who like and love asian music would buy the songs of their choice. I'm pretty sure iTunes would make more money. I really LOVE asian music! I want to get these k-pop, j-rock, etc. on my iPod but I can't because I can't buy them from iTunes. If they did I would have bought many. I hope many people support asian music^^! Thanks!
Luv this podcast!!!
I love this podcast it has my favorite songs and group, I just absolutely love this podcast. And thank you for putting this podcast its awesome.
could you put some more sky,step by step,ballons,rising sun, and o thanks...and your podcast is great
I luv this podcast and have been a loyal subscriber. I would like to make a request. Please put on more Ajoo songs. Thank you for making this podcast enjoyable. <(^.^<) (>^.^)> <( ^.^ )>
Love all the music you guys put on! It's a great way for me to keep up with the k/j music scene, and this is definitely my kind of music :D. Btw, park yoochun was the one who stopped me in my tracks and made me start listening ;) love TVXQ ^^
First off THANKS A LOT for doing a podcast with Kpop ! But the only thing I ask Is could you put the name of the songs in the description Because sometimes I can't understand what the DJ is saying, Please And Thank You! =D
I love the Kpop! More of the guy group Kpop stuff, I like the singing!! Oh and more DJ collabs, episode 15 is the best! I love the DJing.
I agreee!! iTunes, more kpop PLEASE!! Thank you so much for doing a podcast for us! Please continue to do so~! (Oh, and go DBSK~!! XD)
okay i will admit, when i started loving Kpop it was only for TVXQ/DBSK but now, because of this podcast and others, i love (almost) EVERYONE!! So...yes THANKS IN MANY WAYS and Sarange!
Hello loyal AH; listeners. Thank you so much for your comments! :) We appreciate the requests and criticism. As for the DJ situation unfortunately none of us are professional DJs so we're still working on it. We use only ONE mic, that is why you can't hear us half the time. We aplogize if this is bothersome to some of our listeners, however, we believe the podcast should have commentary in order to make the show more interesting. I know it's all about the music but we would like to provide our listeners with the latest info as well ;) Please continue to listen to our podcast and we will try our best to make the show the very best for you all. Stay tuned for future contests and giveaways as well. Thank you! - AH; Staff
I loved the music, but the DJs were pretty bad. They all sounded extremely bored to be there. Half the time you could barely hear them, and please learn how to use a mic correctly.
finally episode 16 with my favorite songs: DBSK- bolero and hehe Baby (seung ri) - Strong Baby XD i love this podcast!! i was hoping for bolero to be in a episode of "Another Heaven" :DD


By JoongBo
same here..wen i saw him in da icon i wuz screamin..i've been looking for alot of kpop podcast!!specially DBSK


I think it would be better if you could list the names of the songs with the artists listed! Thank you!!! ^^


YAY. Your back <3 the songs you put on are amazinggg!
Gosh!! When I saw the small icon, I was like, "Oh, that guy looks like Yoochun!".. Then when I click on it, it does a pic of Micky Yoochun!! OMG, I couldn't help but scream like a fangirl!! Finally, iTunes realizes the talent of Korean singers!! I hope soon iTunes will put more of Korean's most talented singers on its list.. especially DBSK!! Then they will be amazed by the gazillion amount of people who would download their songs!! Can't wait for that moment!! ~ sorry for keep on screaming, I just couldn't help it...
thanks for updating, this podcast def made me smile! the beginning is hella cool basically everyone should listen to this k-pop update for good music and legit k-pop info thumbs up! aja aja fighting!
I wanted to leave some song requests, but I don't know the e-mail address. Anyway, I would love Hwand Bo's "Get Hot" and "Shall We Date" and Moogadang's "Don't Call Me Babe" ;) Thanks


By lulu016
why did it stop working!!! i really want the other eps... plz someone put it back!!!! i luv DBSK and I luv HERO!!! oh n i luv Micky and Xiah!!!! I luv all of them!!!! ahhh!!! plz put it bac. and add more k-pop
it has a good mix of a bunch of really good asian songs!! so if your looking ofr a good asian song podcast this is the one for you =]]


By e.niji
Thank you so much for the podcasts, but i would appreciate it if you put more up! thank you!
omg, i was looking at pop 88 (my other fave podcast) and i saw this link, so i clicked on it. I saw it, and im like, "HOLY CRAP ITS MICKY YOOCHUN!" so obviously i subscribed if it had yoochunnie oppa on it. lol! iTunes needs sooo much more kpop music! I mean, more and more kpop artists debut, and the USA is TOTALLY unaware of their presence, cuz its not on here! (hint hint SHINee hint hint). Seriously. But, thank you!!! (p.s. having yoochun as the icon is an amazing idea to get more subscribers!)


와!! 미키유천!!!<3 깜짝놀랐다....동방사랑~~ put more kpop please
I Absolutly love this podcast!! I have a question tho, What's the song that plays at the very beginning of episode 5???


My goodness, Finally I have found something about DBSK! When I saw my love Michy Yoochun, I started screaming, But My question is Why ITUNES doesn't have DBSK music? They are very popular around the world.. I'm from PERU and I listen to them everyday... But this is cool because Now I can listen to their songs more often AHHHHH!!!!
Yup, I <3 Yoochun! I thought I saw him and clicked and realized I did see him! I thought I saw a Yoochunnie, I did! I did! I did see a yoochunnie!! (quoting tweety bird LOL)


You have no idea how excited I was when I saw Micky as the icon for this podcast! Then when I saw that you had Super Junior too! :) This podcast is amazing and has a wide range of music that everyone can enjoy!
Another heaven; id jus luv it if u wud have an ep jus dedicated 2 dbsk songs! if u cant plz put these songs in a ep wen u can: hug (slow and full version), step by step, rising sun, i believe, actually just try 2 get ALL their songs! Same goes 4 iTunes, plz? also, y haven't u ppl goten ep 15 up?! I've bin dying 4 it, so plz.