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Great podcast i love it!!! it is VERY helpful if you want to learn japanese, i recomed these videos. Keep the videos coming.
This is easily the best "Japanese for beginners" podcast on itunes! very informative and put together really well.
Its hard to find good material to learn japanese with ive been studying the lauguage for about a year and i wish i found this guy sooner good job Waizusensei please keep em coming i cant wait until you get into very advanced stuff
Japanese Wisdom has great visuals, vocab, grammar, and culture in the lessons. Bonus, the narrator is clear and doesn't sound like he's "acting." This is the most enjoyable language podcast that I've down loaded.
The visuals are a great help and the lessons are very practical. You can take the lessons and put them to use right away. Keep up the great work.


I think this is a great podcast but im having some trouble with my ipod restarting.
I have to say that I really enjoy this podcast. I was very excited to find these lessons on youtube and even more excited now that there is a podcast. I've learned a lot and I only have time to listen on my subway rides to and from work. I'm determined to learn Japanese and this podcast is a very good introduction to the language. Wise sensei is an excellent teacher and it is worth your time to listen to this podcast!
sugoi! i learned a lot of this podcast. its crackerjack!!
I am a beginner at japanese and this podcast really helped me out. It really brightened things up for me. Everyone that wishes to learn japanese please try this podcast out. You wont regret it.