Bad Seeds

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This is an amazing podcast. You get the best of both worlds on plants and crime. What a combo?! I binge listened to all Episodes. It is educational and raises awareness. I can’t wait for more! Thank you.
I love this podcast! It’s like Dateline for plant fanatics. The biological, ecological and cultural exploitation examined in this podcast shines a light on the unmitigated greed of humans. Thanks Summer!
Tells stories how today‘s slightest interest from human beings can significantly harm or even totally destroy species. Some stories sound tragicomic, some are disturbing when you understand the volumes of the harvesting and the outcomes for the nature.
I love this podcast! It’s so fun to listen to and very informative. I have a couple concerns that really aren’t that big of a deal but I’ll share them anyway. 1. The accents??? Why is it that for every foreign country Summer gets someone to do an overdone accent voiceover? 2. It’s “Hundrut” not “hundred” apparently. This isn’t that big either but Summer pronounces hundred like this. I have no idea why but it’s amusing.
Excellent topic. Hard to get past the folksy, dramatic narrator.


Didn’t expect THAT!!! Well worth a listen
This is just a lovely podcast. Many horticulturalists, agriculturalists, and botanists know the human impact on our beloved plant life, but this podcast makes the reality easy to access for all lovers of plants. Well done.
I’ve learned a lot too!
I had no idea that there was smuggling in plants just like in animals. Summer Rayne not only has a great name but does a great job hosting this extremely informative podcast. I will never look at a cactus again the same way. Can’t wait to learn more.
I am a plant lover and collector, this is a captivating podcast! Please keep going and tell me all the stories. Outstanding!
I really like the basic premise of this podcast and find the info really interesting. My problem is the unnecessary drama they try to cram in - it’s just poor story telling. If you can get past the overly dramatic delivery, there’s an interesting story there.
I’m learning a lot about the implications of something I had never even really considered! Plus, it’s somehow both gripping and still a soothing listen? Overall, the show is well-written and suspenseful, and the music and sound effects are enticing and lovely. Perfect for my morning walks!
Who knew??? How fun to create a podcast that is informative, enlightening and as enjoyable as a mystery novel! Great work and I cannot wait to hear the next episode!
As usual Ms. Oaks makes everything so interesting. You will always learn more than just about plants with any of her. You'll appreciate plant life and come to the understanding of how much surrounds those plants. Love her work on instagram, youtube, the books she's written and now as a podcast! Looking forward to each episode!
I had no idea that this sort of crime existed. Thx for bringing this to everyone’s attention.
Great quality recording production, very similar to Summer Rayne Oakes’ own YouTube channels. The only downside: too many iheardradio advertisements.
Briefly considered listening to this podcast until I discovered that the host supports that crazed dope, RFK Jr.
Really important topic told in a really engaging way. Highly recommend.
So excited for this podcast I feel like it’s been a long time coming! Thank you for bringing a voice to this!!!
I never thought I would listen to a true crime podcast. This is really interesting and it reminds me of the trade in antiquities and stolen art. There is so much to learn and so much at risk. I’ll keep tuning in!
I can’t wait for more episodes!!!
Great listen! I’m a landscape designer working out of the Tampa Bay Area you’re hitting my sweet spot. Crime + plants. can’t wait for more episodes.
Love the content, but the pace/speed of speech is too slow, but if I speed it up to 1.25x it’s too fast, esp if there are other people’s voices. The pace of your voice on your YouTube channel is great.
Really important topic that is not and has not been spoken about in the plant world. Podcast production is outstanding.
Congratulations Summer and everyone involved! This podcast is very engaging and provides visibility into an important and critical issue that touches every house plant lover! As a native Brazilian, the “plant blindness” concept unfortunately resonated with me. We have so many endangered species in our country (e.g., Philodendron spirictus-sancti) and yet so little is talked about in the news on plant poaching/traffic. I’m excited for the next episodes!
I loved the first episode, and I am really looking forward to the rest. This is a fascinating, well-researched look at a world I had not thought much about. Summer and team do a great job explaining why rare plant theft, unlike most topics in the true crime genre, has potentially devastating consequences for us all.
Plant expert “Summer Rain Oaks” doing s a podcast on the underground plant crime world?! Can’t make this up. Have 5 stars just for that.


Who knew the plant world was so wild!


excited for this one!