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Invaluable podcast! Mark is a seasoned lean practitioner and author. He delivers thoughtful interviews with leading lean thinkers. I often listen to episodes more than once to really grasp the concepts discussed.
Mark always has relevant topics and engaging conversations with very interesting guests. Great podcast!
Episode 128 was an example of an episode I hope to hear. I was thrilled to hear an interview where Mark was interviewed. I hope to find a document on the website in case Mark wrote a follow-up piece on the interview. One area which peaked my interest was the poka-yoke example Mark started to reference as a successful storeroom mistake proofing story. I have loved the various guests and application of lean in a wide array of industries/companies. I am starting with the oldest and catching up and loving each episode. I am looking forward to hearing an interview to revist with Jim Womack and other updates from the assortment of phenonemal interview guests and topics.
Mark Graban really knows his stuff when it comes to lean and podcasting! And while he does focus mostly on lean healthcare any continuous improvement practitioner would do well to subscribe to this podcast no matter the industry they work in. I also suggest subscribing to his blog over at http://leanblog.org.
Mark has done a great job of compiling some of the web's most informative and interesting interviews with leading Lean thinkers. I upgraded to a 30Gb iPod so I could keep all of the podcasts handy as I enjoy going back and refreshing my self on some his previous interviews that I found helpful. Really enjoy the variety and professional production standards Mark strives for!
Hats off to Mark Graban! I listen to this on the way to work, and hearing this informative dialogue on lean thinking gives me inspiration in challenging our leader's perceptions. Excellent podcast and great lean guests / sensei / authors.
The LeanBlog podcast is a great inspiration whether you are starting a lean journey or are already on the way. It is good to hear the voices and more candid thoughts of people that you ordinarily only have access to through their books.
Mark Graban talks to Lean leaders, people who are out there using Toyota Production System methods in new and interesting ways. Ever wondered how Lean could be used in a dentist's office? Mark's covered that, and other healthcare related issues. LeanBlog Podcast offers cautionary tales as well. Recently, Mark spoke to Bob Emilani, an author who revisited Wiremold a few years after the company was purchased and key executives retired. Wiremold was legend in the Lean world - what happened after the buyout serves as notice to anyone who thinks Lean is a 'set it and forget it' management technique.
This podcast covers a wide array of subjects related to Lean. It is an inspiration for every Lean thinker and practitioner. The podcast consistently presents new aspects of Lean while linking them to the roots and fundamentals of Lean. No matter how new or experienced in Lean the listener might be, he or she will find something that can be transferred to their daily Lean implementation work as well as their career development.
Great podcast for the novice as well as the lean professional. Offers broad coverage on lean topics from finance to operations. Episodes include 'name' players in the lean world offering advice that is valuable to both the lean professional and the others that we need to work with in our organizations. The podcast is backed by a good website. Give this one a try.