Reviews For RSBANDBUpdate! - Weekly RuneScape News and Straight Talk

There was a comment made that wow doesn't have a beta and just as a point of correction wow has a ptr that is almost alwase up and the best guilds use it to test out the newest raids before they become live. There is also a beta server for new expansions as well. Other than that very good show.
Love the show, and look forward to the weekly updated, Shane is a good host, and keep things entertaining. Plenty of talk about things other then rs too. Great podcast. And you guys should consider doing a collaboration episode with runeweek podcast.
All the news i need for RS is right here listening to these two (or perhaps three) guys talking about my all-time favorite PC game. Good job guys! Can you make it to 500 episodes?
I had stopped playing runescape i heard this and fell in love with the game all over again great work.
Rated 5 stars because they're the best out of RS podcasts on iTunes, but in ep. 366 they took out BH because of PvP worlds, more specifically because of RWT concerns; and then they replaced BH with PVP worlds. There are quite a few flaws and not the MOST research, but still it's the obvious winner in all of these podcasts and I definitely respect the fact that they're been doing this all this time.


the sound quality is not good, the 2 hosts are very pessimistic about everything and overall I did not enjoy the podcasts I listened to. The only enjoyable part was there special guest who of course was just a guest and will probably never be on the show again. Overall this podcast has potential to be better with more interesting content and less arguing over stupid crap like star trek. I did not download a star trek podcast.
Het guys, love the podcast!!!<3 i was wondering if you had a cc, fc, or website i could join. Add me, pm me, some how contact me!:D skype:jdis1woah


By Snazdoc
Great show always fun and great to listen for a good laugh and for great information about the game
Thank you shane and trekking I live close to you Shane and I really like the podcasts Do you ever let other people help with the podcast because I would love..rephrase I would really love to become a part of rsbandbupdate
i like it.


By dothal
I've been listening for 3 years, and its still the best podcast. The best thing is the coverage of more than just runescape by knowledgable hosts.
Best weekly update for runescape. Keeps up with weekly updates, nice hosts, good audio, I love it!!
Shane I just like to say, best podcast I have ever heard! Your podcasts are amazingly entertaining and always give me a more detailed update overview; your knowledge of computers always amazes me. Keep up the good work! What I can't rate a six stars?
I have been listening sine about episode 295 and they have been perfect nothing could be any better then this!!!!!!
great podcast guys keep it u
The last couple of episodes seem to have disappeared...... I wonder why....
Shane is a great and knowledgable host. He always has well formulated opinions and constructive comments on updates, listener questions, and tech news. Topics are always interesting and well presented. Unfortunately, his co-host, Chief Snake isn't as spectacular. He is frequently getting distracted during recording, he is frequently grossly underprepared for the week's show, and often has nothing valuable to add to the week's podcast other than an awesome accent and a nice-guy personality. He is Shane's Vannah White. Sorry Chiefy!
This maybe one of the only runescape podcast... But it will always be the bestīŒ·
U guys always explain runescape content so well and have interesting stories keep it up :)
They are very good podcasts. Add me sssaaafffddd


Nice podcast!
I like this podcast a lot. However....... like most podcasts it has some problems. They should try to get to the point of each part of the podcast faster, that would make viewing them more interesting.
Well if you like listening to a guy who sounds like half pig half human, then this is the way to go! Half of the time Piggy is babbling off with useless commentary while his co-host is dazing off (Probably Playing RuneScape) If you like wasting your time and laughing about it too, then I would go ahead and download all of their podcasts, you'll love them!
Best RuneScape podcast out there. One of the longest running podcasts for RS out there.
Perfect blend of information and comedy keeping the show interesting throughout Ty guys for making such a gr8 podcast


Hi Shane and new host, I was just wondering about who some of the upcoming guests will be. Please read and answer my response. -I Fatbutt I on rs


Ummmm funny, informative and interesting that's all I can say
Well good bye Brad and good luck on all your endeavors. Hope to hear from you in due time. Go make Britain proud. P.S-I just knew that Shane would play that princess clip at the last seconds of the podcast. -Bushwhacked0
Hi shane (not brad cause shane will most likely help). Im havin problems redowloading some of the episodes
AWESOME enough said
This is the best show I have ever heard keep up thegood work. Brad I will miss u.
A great, informative podcast that has been going for over 230 shows and will likely continue to do so. If you are looking for a weekly dose of RS info and some laughs, this is the podcast for you.
Best rs podcast out there.
I can't seem to dowload the December episodes. Everytime I try it says the movie format Is not supported. I dowloaded others but those 2 won't work. HELP! Contact me on rs I always have private open to Any1 my user name is wolvespwnyou
By far the best RS podcast in terms of material and length (1 hour to 1:45). The banter between the normal co-hosts (Shane & Brad) is superb. And the guest hosts always spice things up! With 200+ episodes and counting it really is the only Runescape Podcast worth its salt.
Shane and brad are great
I simply love this podcast. Shane and Brad together make the best hosts.
One of the best RS podcasts on itunes. Love it when brad and Shane get into fights. Very funny and educating.Would suggest to anyone that plays RS.




shane and brad are awesome they give you a good view on runescape whil shane shares his right-wing beliefs
RSBANDBUpdate is easily my favorite Runescape podcast and is one of my top 3 out of them all (about 12). Shane is well informed and a good runescape player, the real backbone of the update and a good host. Brad on the other hand, doesn't play much Runescape but brings a comical aspect to the show, which I really appreciate. A majority of show is Q and A which I thouroghly enjoy, mostly due to Brad making fun of Shane. :-p Overall its a great podcast, definitley give it a try even if you don't play RS often or at all (I Don't).
Shane the podcast would not be the same without you. how does it feel to live in the hat of the U. S.A.


By koil64
this is awesome my username is koil163 and i love this podcast. i think shane and brad are cool. and check out the rune guys podcast and runescape tips tonight
Been a member for who knows how long. RSBandB is the best RuneScape "fan-site" I'vs ever been to...thanks guys.
not great but also not bad! keep it up!
Ditch the opening music, its horrible. Stick with something less than 30 seconds and a calmer. What you have is a bit of a turnoff. Good content though
I have been listening for about a year now and this is the best podcast out there for runescape players and non. Congrats on episode 200 I will listen until you guys stop. =)