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Love the mix of blues, great driving music, I miss this podcast- hope you are well, cowdog.
Hope your doing well Cowdog, your missed!
Miss your show.


By Mjmcfam
Best podcast ever! Where are you!
Come on man what's up? Come back! Please ! We miss you!
Wherever you are, whatever happened, know that your show is missed! Hope you're doing well, Cowdog.
Man I miss this show...
Where did it go? This is the best. I miss it!
What happened to CowDog? Miss the shows, one of my all time favorites!
Love the podcast! Cowdog does a great job with every episode. I hope he keeps producing the show!!
Great podcast. Keep 'em comin'!
this was the first podcast i listened to, and still luv it. you will also if you like texas blues
I've had computer issues but I replayed the 5 episodes on my shuffle over and over... just totally addicted. I have gotten a new computer and back up and running with current episodes. Keep it coming Cowdog -- love the introduction to some new artists. I cowrote a song called Texas Guitar -- and your podcasts demonstrate that great sound all the time.
Hey everyone, For the most part, I really like this Podcast. The theme song is pretty cool, and for me it's a nice mix of tunes and artists I'm already familiar with and totally new stuff. It's well put together with professional sounding transitions between songs and segments. The host interjects "enough" but not too much background and/or "color" between pieces. However, I've got to say that many times I've listed to a song and wondered why its on the "Texas BLUES Cafe" podcast. There seems to be more Country on there than I'd like (example: "I'm a Country Bad A*$") or some metal tune by Kid Rock (who I actually like, but not in my Blues Cast!). Anyway, pick this one up, it's pretty good!
I took my kids camping in the mountains this weekend and introduced them to the blues. I think I picked the right podcast because they loved it and they are now downloading it for themselfs. Great times and great music. As a transplanted Texan living in So Cal i could not be prouder of my texas roots...Keep it up and I will keep downloading..Dave
Fuc#%ng aye!!! this rips it up.. I consider myself a lifelong rockin-blues man and it is a pleasure to find this rich sound , Thank You.. N.J. beach!!
Just like having a fine FM radio or Satellite radio station in my car. Cowdog Kelly is a good radio host and talks about the artists and the songs. Great mix, great music, and a whole lot of good listening. Let the music play.
Love the music, the professionalism of the production, also the little comedy bits at the beginning are a nice comic relief. Keep those great podcasts coming!!
I have several thousand songs on my iPod, but Texas Blues Cafe is about the only thing I ever listen to. It is a great mix of blues and Texas music featuring many artists I had never heard of giving it a fresh sound every time. This has become my main source of new music. Keep the music rolling Cowdog!
Dj Cowdog, absolutley the best podcast catering to indie roots and blues music fans, hands down. Rollin Phattys appreciate the radio play and don't miss an episode as we roll phattily down the highway between shows! Highly recommended, get ya some ya'll Jeffreaux Guitarist/Producer Rollin' Phattys Tulsa, Ok
how about a set list on the web site or something so i can actually find which song is which? too confusing to sort through all of the good music.
If I wanted a country podcast, I'd get a country podcast. I love Texas blues, and this is definitely NOT blues.
Once again, Cow Dog brings the sound and feel of the Texas spirit to another podcast... Awesome way to listen to some blues all the way to Acton, California.
Subscribe now! This is a great show, easily better than XM's Bluesville. A great mix of edgy blues and lots of new material to enjoy. I've already purchased several songs because of this podcast, and I've only gotten through the first couple of sessions! You can bet that I will be downloading all the sessions as soon as possible.
I am from Austin, TX living up east (and homesick)~ finding this Podcast reminds me so much of home! I enjoy the music and listen to it over and over while at work. Great job! Please keep it up and I look forward to more soon!
Professionally done, the music selections are excellent and the production quality is as good as it gets. I look forward to new downloads and listen to them as soon as they hit my player. I'm even surprised as how good the recordings from these small bands are as well. CowDog does a great job picking em. A lot of good stuff here, you can't go wrong with this one.
This is a really a great way to hear a lot of top musicians that play Texas style blues. Glad to have found it!!!