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I have been listening for about 3 years. Marcus Smith asks good questions of the guests and gets out of their way. Though different views are discussed, the interaction is not contentious but more like a search for facts and truth. The varied, interesting, and current topics keep me coming back for more. The show helps me get little packets of new insights to continue my education in life. It is well produced. Thank you to all who make the show possible!
A very intelligent interview program featuring notable authorities from all across academia, politics, and more. As good as anything you'll find on NPR, and while the topics tend to lean a bit toward academic areas, I am always surprised by the variety of areas covered. A solid program that will always make you think. Note: though this is a production of Brigham Young University, it is not a religion-driven program, and the subject of faith comes up only now and then and not at all intrusively. It will appeal to people of any faith (or none at all).
Every good thing that has been said about this show is true! It's short and sweet, but has some awesome things to think about. It's definitely for the refined listener. It's much more intellectual, than it is entertaining. So if you're looking for a good piece of mental gum to chew on, this is it.
Every time I turn on the radio in the car and this show is on I find myself driving more slowly so as to be able to hear the whole thing! I finally found them online and subscribed to this podcast. Broad range of fascinating relevant topics and I love the subtle, multi-faceted, intellectual, non-sensational style. The host is masterful ... takes any topic and asks thoughtful, insightful questions and gently gives structure to the discussion without overshadowing the visiting expert... rather than blasting around and changing the subject abruptly with bare-faced and insensitive taunts as in many talk shows. He's a great storyteller and the experts are fabulous. The topics are modern and relevant but the experts keep them grounded, intelligent, complex -- not political, angry, and oversimplified. Fascinating! I'm hooked every time I turn it on!!! Thank you for making this a podcast!
A very gentle and shallow bit of thinking feels like sunday school
I bring up the ipod... it lists the BYU talks.. but you cannot play them or save them to your computer...??????????? There is an ! in the description field.. and the Buy field says Free. But nothing downloads to your Itune. confused.