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After a hundred plus episodes you'd think you guys would have more... Anyways after listening to episode 103 and hearing your plead for a review... I decided to leave one. I always look froward to hearing your podcast. It's just too bad that they come out so erratically. Very funny, very honest and very real. I try not to laugh at what brent says somtimes. Keep up the awesome show. Thanks. -mac
there's a lot of comics podcasts out there (and i've check out tons). i liked one episode of this one because i liked the topic, listened to a couple more and realized that the hosts are just really annoying dudes. there's a quality about the show that just doesn't feel right. check out 11 o clock comics or ifanboy's stuff. it's much, much better.
Let's face it - comics are a great medium of entertainment and expression, and these guys manage to capture every inch of that in their show. Comic Timing certainly informs the average comic fan and provides an easy upkeep on the industry as a whole.
i don't care what people say, comic timing IS THE NUMBER 1 round table comics podcast there is. It's very fun and very awesome.
If you haven't taken the time to listen to Comic Timing, then you really are missing out on one of the best kept secrets in free radio. Show creator, Ian Levenstein, and his rotating panel of guests keep the talk lively and informative. Do yourself a favor and add this show to your regular list of downloads!


Not a bad Podcast at all, folks. My main gripe is the host's use of transitional phrases. Specifically, the word "so." It's used so often that it's a bit distracting. Ian is obviously the person with the most to say in a structured, focused form, and I think he realizes it. Sure he's the host, but he really tends to dominate the dialogue; probably 80%. In my opinion, he kinda needs to. I like everyone's personalities, but some are more well-read and articulate than others. This gets a solid "meh." Most positive aspect for me is Ian's enthusiasm!
This really is an entertaining podcast, however, when it comes down to the conversations on comics it tends to be a bit too fanboy-ish and a bit unreasonable when explaining why or why not a book is disliked. But overall it is a fun podcast since it is from a fan's perspective.
Each episode varies its great content, whether discussing manga, comics, comic movies, and other habits of comic readers, Ian and Matt S. deliver a rousing listening experience. This podcast continues to differ from all others and offer great topics and content.


What an awesome, awesome podcast! That "Matt S." guy is pretty full of himself, but otherwise, great stuff...!
Ian & David offer an entertaining and intelligent look into the world of comic books from an average fan's perspective. This is a great show whether you're just getting into comics or are a seasoned veteran!