A Walk In The Park Podcast

Reviews For A Walk In The Park Podcast

Walk in the Park is a great podcast for all roller coaster/ theme park fan. Great job Pat, keep up the great show.
This podcast is really interesting and is always different.  It allows you to visually walk through the parks and make your own opinions about the themeing and atmosphere. Very Neat Idea!
Pat does a great job covering Theme Parks with excellent Video and Audio Commentary. If you're a fan of Amusement Parks, Roller Coasters, Dark Rides, and anything else that jitters your cockles... get on it peeps!
I really look forward to this podcast out of all the podcasts I'm subscribed to, because this one is like an actual "walk in the park." Episodes come on a regular basis so that's a plus. The downside to the podcast is episode length. I wish the videos were a little longer and showed more of the park. I also want to hear a little more info. Other than that, excellent podcast and keep up the good work!
Glad to see a podcast like this. Pat reminds me of well...me. Being somewhat of a theme park buff myself Im glad to see someone do a day in the park and enjoy it for what it is. Feels like im going through theses park with a bunch of friends and have somewhat of a education of what the park is about. Keep up the great work.


it was ok but i could not understand you...
dude, I liked your podcast but turn down the music so we can hear what you are saying.