Reviews For Cinebanter

I really did like the show and the idea is great. When they are engaged in doing the show they are a lot of fun esp. Michael. Its like listening to friends and you want to join in. But once they went to once a month it was downhill. The host seem disinterested in doing the show. As a listener you lose interest because teh movies are "old" and really lose rythm of the show. Its not like its a 3 hour show going through movies of the month but a lazily "eh it was okay" response you get. Also you can tell they want to hurry it up esp. the female. Was a great show but just went to the crapper. Sad really.
Have been following this podcast since the beginning, and I love these two! Very intelligent, honest criticism, and their Last 5 segment is a hoot. My only complaint is that there's only one episode per month. More, more, more!
I wish they were more consistent with releasing their shows. Otherwise, I really enjoy it.
Hosts are very knowledgable about movies and have very distinct personalities, likes and dislikes. Should be more frequent than once a month.
It's so great to have a movie podcast with both a male and female perspective. Toussula and Michael have a great rapport! I like the very casual nature of their conversation, where it doesn't sound uppity nor condescending. I feel like I'm listening to good friends who enjoy watching movies as much as I do. Thanks for the great podcast!
Can't believe I've only just discovered this - I listen to Filmspotting religiously, and am totally loving Cinebanter. Hope for a new podcast soon!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the way they go into detail about the movies they are discussing. Their critiques include little personal stories which make the discussions much more interesting. Their rapport , knowledge and intelligence just make for a lively and informative podcast.


Hosts are engaging enough but that could hardly be said of the conversation itself. Both hosts refer to actors and directors by their first names—a nitpick to be sure but a detail that proves frustratingly persistent—and each host rarely adds anything interesting other than "he was good, she was not"-esque points on actors or comments on noticeable plot holes; tedious filler for criticism. Rarely (if at all) do they speak of the filmmaking itself, the compositional content, the thematic innards, genre juxtaposition, etc. Structure-less, too, review format features both host running down their notes, tedious bullet point by bullet point. Severly tedious throughout, in fact.
I love this podcast. They're going to dedicate their next podcast to Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation. How awesome is that?! VERY AWESOME! This podcast is definitely up there w. Filmspotting, Mondo Movie, and /Filmcast.
It's a natural discussion between friends. The best film cast out there. I've tried a bunch.
Even though I disagree with these two critics most of the time, I enjoy this podcast. Despite the stupid intro — "I'm a girl, and I'm a boy" — I try to download new episodes when they come out. Mike and Tassoula know a lot about films, and it comes across in their reviews. The only problem with Cinebanter is the volume in some of the episodes. Mike will come across very loud in one podcast, and you won't be able to hear Tassoula. Then, for the next podcast, it's the other way around. That's the only problem, though, as Cinebanter is well worth the download each week. I'd recommend it to anyone.
I really like the "last 5 films" segment of this show. Good, conceise reviews with very little wandering conversation. Excellent format and best of all, a film podcast that has a female POV. And a highly intelligent one at that!
This is one extremely intelligent and insightful podcast. Your voices are wonderful and animated, and leave no doubt about your passion. Your banter is respectful of each other's opinion, yet proves your point. You never fail to point out a scene or language in a movie that might have deeper meaning than first expected. Sorry that I did not find you sooner, but I am slowly listening to earlier shows. Keep up the great work!
Cinebanter has made its way into my regular rotation of podcasts. I like that it is not a really a review show but more of a discussion of the film and everything is broken down. It is assumed that you have seen the films before listening. If you haven't seen them, you will know everything - including spoilers - when they are done. Mike and Tassoula's comversations are sprinkled with nice repartee. The Last Five segment is fun, because you never know what movie will pop up for a brief discussion.
They have interesting insight into the films they review. However, Michael has a bad habit of breathing into the mic which can be distracting.
This is a fantastic podcast!!!! Both hosts are great. I agree more with Michael, but many more agree with Tassoula. Love it, love it, love it.
Tassoula and Michael are friends, so it's hard not to be biased, but I *still* think this is a great show. I've listened to every episode since the first, and I'm still fully engaged in their banter and respect their opinions. They know what they are talking about, they express their opinions well, and they have inspired me to see films I would have otherwise missed. Thanks for the amazing run of 50+ shows. Quite an accomplishment :-)
Cinebanter is a funny, insightful and revealing show that covers all the ground it needs to. It also has a kind of homemade feel to it that deserves a real respect and admiration. It also doesn't try to steal anything from the also masterful podcast Filmspotting like so many do, and it came up with it's own great list.....the last 5 which is really fun to listen to. Just a great, great time.
My only complaint is that this doesn't publish more often. There are a lot of times I'll watch a movie and hope these two will talk about it so I can see if they noticed the same things I did or if they saw something else that I missed.
Here are the positives: This experience is more like eavesdropping on a phone call between two close friends. Tassoula and Michael Vox have a good, friendly rapport. The best parts of the show are the non-scripted moments where they try to crack each other up. The podcast gets really interesting and exciting when they go on tangents about how they’re obsessed with the 80s, how they wish they could go to a high school prom again, or how U2 is totally the GREATEST BAND EVER and everything else is - omigosh - stupid or whatever. Often it is more fun to listen to them joke around than to hear what they have to think about any movie. Here are the negatives: Because it is essentially a recorded long distance call, it would be generous to call the audio quality “poor.” Tin cans on string have better fidelity than portions of this show. Also, for a podcast that in nominally about film criticism, there is very little focus on film or criticism. Most of the conversations focus on television – primarily what they saw just on HBO or IFC. And instead of insight or depth that normally accompanies good film criticism, what is offered is a series of nitpicky bullet points that more often than not show a serious misunderstanding of the fundamental nature of film. (The measuring stick for good art is not, “Did it entertain me?”) They also congratulate themselves a lot for being so hip, so you get the smarmy film critic attitude without the film critic smarts behind it. To sum it up: Don’t listen to this podcast for anything other than witnessing the fun little banter between two friends.
Consistently funny and original. I look forward to every episode!
has the sexiest voice I've ever heard. I love to listen to you guys argue. Tassoula, I agree with your reviews more often, but you should let Michael talk more because his voice is... well okay I already said that. You guys have a real chemistry- it's almost electric.