Reviews For How To Succeed in Evil: The Original Podcast Episodes

Witty, funny and a great way to spend the afternoon!
Patrick McLean is one of those "next big things" in my book.
Even though this podcast is short, it delivers. An excellent listen.
A very fresh story with delightful humor. You don't want to miss out on this one ...
This story is a brilliant critique of modern business practices and corporate culture. In this wicked comedy Patrick McLean illustrates how the super villains of yester-year simply pale in comparison to the ruthlessness of Edwin, his “evil consultant”. Edwin’s character is a purer and more calculating breed than his employers. So much so that he does not even consider himself to be a “villain” for such a classification would tarnish his standing. He isn’t a villain. He’s a consultant who is also in insurance. Scary.


I enjoyed listening to this! It wasn't too over the top with the sound effects and the reader did a great job portraying Edwin. I'm ready for the next volume!
Where is the rest? I loved this book, I need more!!
I loved this book. Super entertaining and original.
I just love this podcast and there is just something awsome about it. I also love it when iTunes features the podio books because i love to look through them and find something awsome like this in peticular.
I love the stratagem that an efficiency expert for evil supervillains takes over the game. It's like the rise of a mob boss in a world of narcisistic incompetent superheroes. Kind of like Scarface meets the Tick. Funny, intelligent, and well acted and produced, this podiobook is a joy.


By Skipple
i lissened to the book in 1 sitting. that was unbelibvable
OMG... I loved this book. I can't wait for the next part! As an accountant I give a lot of advice that other people do not listen too, and this book just makes laugh. It has all of the comic book aspects I have been missing since I stopped reading them over a decade ago. Keep up the good work.
I love this! It's a vicarious slam at stupid comic book villains, it's well made and slick, the writing is tidy and elegant, the narration is stellar.... I just want more of it! That's a great feeling to have at the end of any book or story - that there's more floating out there somewhere, that the characters' lives go on. I can't even express how satisfied I am with this podcast.
Not only does the author approach his fantasy setting with minimal irony, the incarnations he offers from the subtle dry protagonist to a lowly henchman carving out the 9 to 5 to the rodent-like lawyer sparkle with dimension and weight and dress the environment suitably with McLean's lyrical fabrication. Beyond this, the incorporation on sound for events, actions, and music lends a tangible skin of naturalism to the structure of the tale. A treat.
this was narrated well and funny. highly recommend the download. i'm looking forward to future endeavors by this author.
Very funny, but not laugh out loud funny, more like chuckle to yourself funny. it's dark and sarcastic and any fan of the superhero genre should jump on this immediately. it's every frustrated thought you had reading a comic book when doctor doom or lex luthor does something stupid like NOT KILL THE HERO!! it's a very gratifying, listen.
That was great! Evil without the stupidity.
If you grew up reading comics but never really rooting for the hero, then you will love this! The author/reader has a dark sarcasm, yet steers clear of the all-too-easy cheese factor.