In the Service of Samurai

Reviews For In the Service of Samurai

I realy enjoyed the story and found the narration well done and easy to listen to
This book is perfect in every way. A must read. Maybe this author would share another book with us?
The story was great, the narration was good, but the commercials in between eash segment was a bit distracting. I appreciate the fact that the audio book is free, and I donated to distributor since most of the proceeds apparently go to the author, but I wish there was a version you could buy without commercials, since if I wanted to listen again, I would have to go through them again.
This is a great read for anyone intrested in fudal Japan / sci-fi. Enjoy.
The story was really good. It deserved to have a better narrator, one who can correctly pronounce the words "naivete," "menace," and "double-u." If that is not something that will throw you off, then it is a really good story, and the Japanese pronounciation isn't even too bad. The characters are endearing, the world is fascinating, and the ending is feel-good.
A very amotional podiobook.The idea is very original and i will probably buy the book.
I am really enjoying this podcast/audio book. I impatiently wait for each chapter to become available and will probably end up buying the book itself. This is the best podcast I have listened to so far.