Darker Projects: Dark Matter

Reviews For Darker Projects: Dark Matter


I like the stories, wish there was more.
As has been said by others this podcast has a promising idea but is very poorly executed. The stories are cliched and boring. Nothing I haven't heard or seen before on movies like Independence Day or Starship Troopers. The acting is very bad. Lines are read straight with little interpretation. Writing is bad too. Lines like "merciful heavens" make me cringe. There is lots of filler sounds that don't need to be there. Like a 30 second clip of someone brushing their teeth or a captain humming incesantly just so we know he's still there. There are many times when the background noises or effects are way too loud and the lines read by the actors are so soft you can't even hear them. At one point I didn't even realize there was another character that I wasn't even hearing. I just didn't enjoy this at all.


Concept is promising, but this provides hit & miss delivery.


This podcast is great to listen too.The stories are short enough to listen during a break or travel.If you like the scifi channel you will like this.The sound effects are great!
This is a consistently entertaining podcast. The stories are emotionally gratifying, especially Gray Matter. I can not recommend Darker Projects's work enough.
This is worth a listen if you like radio programs like "Alien Worlds" or "X-1". I found the production value to be excellent and the story lines are good too.
Poorly produced. Several characters are difficult to understand because of background noise or sound effects (which are sometimes very shrill and annoying). You'll contstantly be fiddling with your volume knob. The stories are also cliche and unexciting. You can tell they put a lot of work into this, but they need to tone down the overboard production stuff and concentrate on telling good stories. But hey, it's free so give it a chance if you want.
One of the best podcasts out there. Good stories and excellent production quality.