Reviews For Taken Liberty - A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles - A free audiobook by Steven H. Wilson

A thoroughly entertaining and well produced story for an avid sci-fi and podcast fan like me. Reminds me of a cross between Heinlein and an elaborate radio show. It's gotten me hooked on the Arbiter Chronicles. I'm looking forward to picking up the book.
This story is in some ways a character study for some of the characters in the Arbiter Chronicles but in others it is an exploration of slavery and sexual abuse. It is certainly not for everyone. It is hard to listen to at times - not because of the quality of the presentation or the value of the narrative - because it is hard to hear what we all know is true about these issues. That said, I found it to be a truly great story - well worth the time the cast put into it and my time to listen to it. And as a fan of the Arbiter Chronicles, it opened up the characters in a way I was very surprised and interested to hear. There are some very tough scenes in this story - but I found myself very touched at many points. It is well worth a listen!
Chapter 2 when Aeila recounts her captivity is emotional charged and kept me on the edge of my seat. Then go into present day and the officers of this ship just argue with anyone not in the clique. It's kind of like high school. What's with the intro music, it's like midi form 1989. Voice is good though. This really could have been a GREAT book and podcast, but I'm cashing out at chapter 4.
"Taken Liberty is based in Prometheus Radio Theatre's "Arbiter Chronicles" Universe, and takes place at the end of Season One. It works rather well as a science fiction novel that looks at what it means to be human. Also, it looks slavery, which is still an issue in much of the world, no matter what many think. I'm very much looking forward to a sequel.