Candela Obscura

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All the greatness and fun of Critical Role mixed with some supernatural/paranormal content!
Would rate 4.5 starts if I could, I really like this podcast. I’m a casual tabletop RPG player, and this is easily better than 85% of RPG podcasts I’ve tried listening to. My only gripe is that it’s so similar to the Call of Cthulhu (and even Arkham Horror) systems that it seems like a stretch to brand this is a unique system. That said, please don’t take this as anything other than a constructive criticism, this is one of maybe 4 RPG podcasts that I’m absolutely staying subscribed to (in addition to Try Not To Die, Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program and Dark Dice if you care). Players do a great job with their characters and the GM absolutely nails it (sounds like Joel McHale GMing in a bonus feature on the Commuity box set in the best kind of way). Keep it up!
A complete triumph.
If thousands of hours of Critical Role is too big a bite, Candela Obscura gives a good taste of what you can expect from the Critical Role channel with just a nibble of your time. Engaging characters, interesting plot, and Matt Mercer’s legendary descriptions and smooth handling of the unexpected make this a treat.
SO… production value is top notch, very entertaining and fun! Everyone does so well and compliments the other, each with high moments where they steal the show… but even with all that taken into account .. Robbie, and his character idea, are my favorite parts, so many good moments where I was laughing out loud. So compelling. But again everyone makes this what it is, and love the whole crew!! Hoping for more!!!
A incredible new roleplaying game taking the genre of Supernatural Horrors to the Next level. I haven’t seen anything this insane since Luigi’s Mansion!(Long story short I don’t watch horror movies) Critical Role’s cast of hilarious voice actors take on a more serious story as their cast of investigators protect Newfaire from what lies beyond the world as we know it. Would definitely recommend to others!
This is a mix of live radio play with a Dungeons and Dragons campaign mixed set in a steampunky magical world. I can’t get enough of this new type of media! The voice actors are having such fun and it translates right to the listener. Bravo!!! Can’t wait for more