History's Secret Heroes

Reviews For History's Secret Heroes

Every episode is a gift. History brought to life, often with the voices of those involved, to reveal extraordinary examples of courage, ingenuity and empathy. Wonderful.
This podcast is so well done, all parts from the host, the presentation and all of the guest speakers that have a connection in one way or another to the person that the podcast is presenting! Please do more!
Thank you for this engaging podcast and for bringing to light so many heroes.
As a history buff, this pod is right up my alley! Highlighting the quiet heros of WW 2 is just what I was looking for.
Magnificent TRUE stories, and a fabulous narrator - Helena Bonham Carter. I’ve already binged the entire second season.
A 5 star series. From beginning to end of each episode I am mesmerised from beginning to the end of each chapter .
What a marvelous number of spectacular true stories. Bravo to the great BBC & the posh voice of Ms. Carter.
Love everything about it! Can’t wait for the next series!
Accidentally found Season 1 and enjoy the subject and Ms Bonham Carter’s narrative voice. Very excited to see there is a Season 2 and learning so much about true bravery and resilience. Thank you to the BBC team!
I’ve read many of the books that are mentioned. I’m am enjoying the learning processs. It’s a wonderful journey!!
I learned about many of our most courageous ancestors and many ways that resistance occurred during WW2. Helena Bonham Carter was an excellent, amazing guide through important stories of history we all need to know. I loved that women were often centered and their heroism provides us inspiration as we face weird times again.
These true adventures are exciting, thought-provoking, and often amusing as well. The image of the brave ladies of the 6888 squaring up to airplane hangar-loads of mail with rats thrown in will stay with me!
As a student of WWII, I am constantly searching for and listening to WWII podcasts. Though the topics aren’t new, the storytelling is fantastic.
Such a fantastic podcast. Inspiring stories that are beautifully narrated.
What a wonderful collection of the stories of unsung heroes. Thank you for shedding light on these stories of bravery and humanity.
The history of unsung heroes comes alive through detailed and empathetic story telling. Each episode uncovers fascinating tales of ordinary people who do extraordinary acts to support the safety of others.
Always inspiring


I love this podcast. Please release more episodes soon!
One of my absolute favorite podcasts! Very well written and told. I don’t have enough good words in my vocabulary to describe this podcast!
Superb story telling with marvelous research
I love this podcast. My only complaint is there isn’t anymore to listen too!
This is the best history podcast ever
Such amazing stories! I am so grateful for being able to hear about these truly incredible people.
This is inspirational and uplifting. Well told. If you need to feel better about the world, this is the podcast to listen. Thank you.
Thank you for telling stories in a way that are inspirational. I end every episode feeling like I can do anything!
Loved it! Please make a Season 2!!!
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. Thank you. We need these stories of valor and decency more than ever, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Loving the presentation of these moving and powerful stories of real people who changed the world.
best podcast ever! very entertaining and enlightening!!! thank you!