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Just automatically downloaded 139 episodes on me - time to cancel.
If you notice the title is “My History”, not the history or the true history but rather the authors selective history. Selective facts and misinterpretation of what happened make this podcast unreliable. It will be worse for those who agree with the podcasts politics. The first time they encounter someone with a little knowledge and a different perspective they will get blown out of the water. It might be worth listening to if you disagree as a way of understanding an opposing point of view. The problem with that is the podcast it to simple minded to present much of a challenge.
This is one of best, if not the best, podcast that focuses on history and historical events. I wish I had him as a history professor in college!
First time rater. Been listening since about '09. Straight forward, no frills, educational. There are very few podcast like this.
(1) It takes on History relevant to today's events and Deep Dives!! (2) It's Facts and not a lot of opinions. (3) No fast talking and no gimmicks. A MUST HAVE PODCAST!
Bruce has put on a quality product for years. Astute analysis and insight as well as great historical connections. Thanks for all the work, Bruce!
Most podcasts on history can be interesting but Bruce really takes history and makes it current. I always listen to the latest podcast first thing. Easily the best political podcast available. I have a BA in political science and this show deals with the science and the history of politics.
We’ve looked forward to each pod for your immersive storytelling of political history. BUT, this week’s podcast, which included a dismissive snippet on the current global health and economic crisis was incredibly insensitive, unexpected and disgusting. Taking lightly the death of American citizens is inexcusable. In addition, this week’s guest provided less intellectual contribution than a 3rd grader and sounded like an audition for Fox News. Your pods have offered a much higher quality than this. With thousands more dead, I hope you’ll address this transgression on your next pod.
Downgraded the star rating on this podcast due to the increased frequency with which Chris Novembrino appears. Chris is smart and knows what he is talking about, but he is the Steven crowder of the left. His podcast took a major left turn when he lost his co-host which is ok. But, like crowder, he is loud, obnoxious, and fairly impolite. Once he stopped playing moderately, his negative qualities took center stage and it is extremely off putting. He has an insatiable need to be heard. Like people won’t know he’s smart if he isn’t talking every 10 seconds. In the ‘black swans’ episode of my history, Chris constantly interrupts and talks over Bruce, just like he does with all the guests on his podcast. I came here to listen some something intelligent with historical backgrounds, and instead get an insecure adolescent constantly pulling on daddy’s pant leg for attention. Bruce is great. Very smart, very well informed. His stuff his well researched with lots of historical background. I will keep coming back for him, and will increase my rating when more mature guests start to appear.
Every episode is sharp, informative and entertaining. So much reflective and insightful views and solid historical information. A great find in today’s Podcast Libraries.
Amazing, informative and enlightening.
The actual content of this podcast is head and shoulders above anything else in the arena. The author is well spoken, offers much context, and thoughtful, informed insight. That being said, I’ve found more than one episode unlistenable due to poor production values. Historical clips and music often have phase issues that bring my ear physical pain and activate tinnitus. If these issues could be remedied, this would easily land in my top 5 podcasts.
I’ve always enjoyed Bruce’s discourse and range of topics, but 5-10 seconds of dead air is distracting, and makes me check whether the podcast stopped. Broadcasting 101 teaches to edit out dead air. Or are these just musical interludes by John Cage? 😉
Can’t say enough about this cast. I tell everyone about it. Bruce’s research is so thorough, and he addresses historical controversies with good, confident analysis. His takes on presidents and the constitution are enjoyable and sharp.
Who knew that maritime commerce in the colonies was such a fascinating topic?? I just listened to the first two Ark of Commerce episodes. Carlson is such a gifted storyteller that he makes everything exciting, including the transport and sale of flour and other commodities in the 18th century.
His review of the Great Depression is one of the best I have heard. Has great perspective in general.
Your anti-Trump bias makes your previously entertaining podcast unlistenable. Citing the LA Times? Gawd!
This is one of my favorite podcast due largely to the fact that Bruce brings an insight to his topics that you don’t get with most other podcasts. He really makes you see the historical perspective and doesn’t cloud it with partisanship. His episodes on Reagan and Nixon are especially engaging.
This is one podcast you need to subscribe to. I'm a crisis manager and when I listened to Bruce's episode remmbering George H.W. Bush, I was just amazed at the story he told of how Mr. Bush handled the crisis around the assasination attempt on President Reagan. Bruce finds real, substantive stories that will change your view of history and people because you'll understand better. He's got a great style and delivery and the production values are great. Make sure to bookmark this one.
Ok thought this was a history show but these dudes spent a whole episode trashing trump and conservatives. I’m done and moving on to next podcast that will hopefully stay out of the identity politics
The interweaving of current events and history from Bruce's unique prespective makes the podcast a must.
Best in class. Quality shows through in every podcast.
Mr. Carlson dissects modern politics and the history that politicians and pundits like to claim, in a clear-headed and non-dramatic way that helps dispel myths and assist understanding. However, he is at his best when he interviews guests, as his intelligent and bright questions bring out the best of those that he interviews.
I never write negative reviews. I really liked Bruce’s podcast. Unfortunately outside of podcasting he’s kind of humorless and condescending. Instead of being constructive, he’s quick to criticize and dismisses attempt any middle ground. Tragic, because he’s lost a fan, a subscriber, and a regular promoter of his podcast. He needs to treat his listener base better.
Very well researched and produced. This guy puts in a big effort that should be better supported. Come on, people. Subscribe. He's trying to make a living, here. This isn't an offering from an established media organization. Just a hardworking guy delivering an excellent product.
Love his President Nixon impression. I listen to this with my sons who love history. Great referral of historical books. I’m always adding to our reading list. Wonderful comparisons to what is happening now and what has happened in the past.
After the 2017 election year, I didn’t think that relaxed, nonpartisan political discussions existed anymore, but this podcast is exactly that. I was so sick of both sides of the political spectrum but still wanted to be informed and this podcast makes that possible without all of the negativity and stress. The host does a wonderful job of relating current political events to issues in history. It’s informative and also calming to view current events from a broad perspective. The host is a spectacular orator and the topics are interesting and sometimes very amusing. Love this podcast!
Not sure how I found this podcast but I am really enjoying it.
I have been an avid follower of MHCBUYP for a loooong time. Even send in a few bucks a year to help sustain it. It is a remarkable blend of history and current events that supplies much needed perspective to our day and time. It supplies insight and debunks some of the myths that are thrown out as absolute truth. Those who THINK should make this a staple of there intellectual diet.
Bruce seems to take many dramatic pauses that make no sense. I will listen to anything that is interesting, but the pausing just doesnt work for me.
More impressions please.
Each episode is well researched and lucidly presented.
Ive been following Bruce's podcast since 2008 and have been remiss in not providing a review until now. All of us who follow podcasts that involve understanding the past to better make sense of the present are indebted to Bruce for having set forth a template on which others replicate but never exceed for providing knowledge, insight, and perspective. Bruce's pioneering work does not remain a thing of the past; instead he continues to provide compelling, thoughtful, in depth insight regarding political history. His current series on Ronald Reagan is just one more example of the quality we have come to expect from Bruce. However, I hope none of us take this for granted, as now more than ever, we need voices like Bruce's to remind us that as turbulent and trying the present may seem, our country has faced other times that shared those same characteristics and yet in the end we came out stronger as a country. Thanks Bruce for all you do to educate, inspire, and challenge us.
Bruce Carlson is incredibly knowledgeable and his voice is great. He knows how to find incredible stories that few people know and breaks them down in ways that are entertaining and accessible. I recommend this podcast to everyone.
I love listening to the information shared in this podcast. If you like history, you'll enjoy the podcast.
Bruce has been my car companion and my chore chum for at least six years. He speaks from my ear buds or car speakers his erudite commentary on the political events of our time, and connects them to prior events of the past. His effect is to soften anxieties and take the edge off of outrage by showing us there really is nothing new under the sun. That he knows his source material so well is a big part of his strength, and he speaks with an authority I can only envy. I like how he brings to life the "dead zone" in American political history, talking as he does about those bearded presidents of the 19th century who so often get overlooked as we jump straight from Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt and then the World Wars onward. Keep up the good work Bruce! I remain a loyal fan of the show.
Listening for years. Good information to contextualize today's world.
I've been listening to Bruce's podcast for several years. It is a testament to his balanced and even-handed approach that I cannot tell his personal political leaning. The series on the Bill of Rights is special favorite. It doesn't take long to realize the amount of work and research it takes to develop these episodes. I can't name a better podcast for people with an interest in history and politics.
Sometimes this podcast is amazing. The Reagan series is especially good. But sometimes the podcast is held back by excessive replays and technical glitches. An editor or the podcast equivalent is definitely needed to bring this to the next level.
Any subject he explores is fascinating. The correlations he makes can be surprising or even obvious but packaged with little known parts of history makes it so perfect. Great podcast.
Best explanation of the coming year ahead Politically! Thanks!
Very educational and entertaining!
The guy sacrifices at the altar of Reaganomics. Old-fashioned, clunky story-telling that is read like a comic book. Neglects to mention Reagan's real legacy--using the racial dog whistle and blind nationalism to get working class whites to vote against the interests and for the interests of the elite. I regretfully listened to the entire Reagan 1 bit thinking the guy might have at least 1 critique, and nothing. He needs to add racial, cultural, and socioeconomic history to his repertoire if he is to be taken seriously.
High-quality, comprehensive backgrounds to current discussions. Recommended!
As a lawyer and history lover, so appreciate the perspective this brings to my political thinking. Great job. Even-handed, just facts. Was looking for a podcast like this.
I am amazed at Bruce's knowledge base. His synopsis of the Iran deal was the clearest and most concise I've heard. And the archives are well worth it.
This is a great podcast for those who love history. There's a good mix of fact with just the right amount of irreverence. Highly recommended!