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I like this podcast. I gives me information on Nintendo and there games. I got a switch at launch and have loved it. And I'm hyped for all the new games coming.
I just found this podcast and LOVE it so much… and I'm an avid podcast listener. I've tried a few other Nintendo podcasts, but this one is really the best. Good quality audio, good hosts, and they are on and off-topic at the perfect ratio. The latest episode mentions they're now bi-weekly, but there hasn't been a new episode in over a month. That's the only bad thing. I'm hoping they come back...
Well, I used enjoy this show quite a bit, before they finally ended up not caring about the DS or Wii at all. I mean, first, they stop posting so often, then they combine the shows, only to drop off on THAT! I mean, really! At first, I was fine with it, because obviously Lloyd is a busy man, but when he started posting XMB and TOG without even a mention of the Pulse..... Forget it. I will keep checking back, but the way things are right now, that may not last...


By Ken. T
It's one thing to miss some shows. But clearly they care more about playstation and iPhone(apple) then DS games. Fine. Get someone who wants to talk nintendo, not people who spend half the show pimpin apple and Sony stuff. When I subscribe to a DS podcast I want ds talk. (FYI I'm typing this on my iPhone )
I wanted an app and a DSI one not DS or DS light:( DS and DS light stink but DSI is the good one.(by Ju$t!n) peace!!
And also live shows are great! Being able to chat with others while listening to the live thing. If you haven't already subscribe to the main VGPodcast feed and follow @dasme!
Just recently occurred to me to look for a DS podcast as I nearly play the thing for a living. The audio quality of this DS cast is great. They cover a nice range of games, and even when off-topic they are entertaining and don't stray too far. As other reviewers have stated, I particularly like that they seem to be in the age range/life cycle I can relate to (30-ish). Thanks guys, keep up the fantastic work!
Thank you 4 making jees pocasts I them I am ten and I am getting a DSi 2morrow
Keeps me entertained during work! Gives me great DS info on upcoming games and hardware.
LIoyd edgar you guys rock im 14 and have listened to your almost all episodes of the ds and psp podcast you guys are great the only thing i ask is talk about MOON for ds in depth a little more and what is the story i thing you guys should proabaly get best podcast for DS because you guys have made me want to buy more games and LIoyd thanks for the DSI info because of it i have dicided to buy one see ya and keep up the good work by
Great show, I always listen to the new shows the day they come out. Go have a listen, you won't be dissappointed. That is if you are a DS owner...but who doesn't have one these days. :P
These guys obviously have a ton of chemistry, and thoroughly enjoy bringing a great quality listening product to their fans. Games + a touch of real life and friendship = a fun and enjoyable feel-good gaming podcast.
YOUR PODCAST IS THE WORST PODCAST IT THE WORLD NO ONE LISTIN TO IT YOUR EARS WILL BLEAD, im just kidding i just wanted to see if they would say anything about it lol
this is a great show. I like the comedy they throw in. Never a boring podcast. Listen to my podcast too. its called the gametards podcast
Been an avid listener since back in the day of the PSP podcast (which by the way, where did it go???). Lloyd and Edgar are very enjoyable to listen to and they do recommend some great games. This podcast will always be in my top 5 and I recommend it to anyone who has a DS. Download it now and check it out for yourself. You will not regret it.
YOU GUYS ROCK!I subscribes just about a week ago and i just love the podcast u guys are awesome!sorry to hear ur not getting much fan mail or anything,but im sure it will start flowing in after the next episode!PLEASE dont quit!U have a bunch of fans.I would give u guys 200 stars if i could i SWEAR.U GUYS ROCK
I used to be a loyal listener a few months back and loved listening to Lloyd and Edgar every week, as they're both great hosts who know their stuff. But, when the shows became more infrequent in their release and the news became a few weeks old, I stopped listening for a long time. Now that they've kind of got their stuff together, I have rekindled hope, but it may not last- their latest podcast is close to a month old. At least the news was relevant at the time. Guys- PLEASE work harder on getting the shows out on time, as I love your show!
I absolutely love this podcast, but when will episode 17 finally come?
If you have a ds and want the latest news and game releases for it, mixed in with a little (a LOT) of humor, get this podcast. Don't get any other one. This is clearly the best.


By Mikau
You guys rock! It is great to have DS news weekly.
You guys hooked me with the joke about "training" your girlfriend to play video games and offending the one person that might have been listening because I just might be the only woman listening! I've had my DS for almost a year now and it goes everywhere with me (it lives in my purse!). Your podcast and reviews are so entertaining and helpful, it's at the top of my list in iTunes and on my iPod! :) Keep up the goodwork!
You guys rock. This is the absolute best podcast available for the ds, or gaming in general. Good stuff, a lot of episodes, and a good length for shows.
Its weird to see a good podcast these days with good audio and good material. These guys do that for you. Not a bunch of guys messing around with a mic. Thanks for the wonderful podcast.
My number one podcast in all of itunes
This is a fantastic podcast, and it convinced me to get a Nintendo DS for myself after just listening to a couple episodes. And it's not a buy-this-product enforcing kind of podcast, just honest community and discussion about the great system. No matter how old you are or what you do for a living, go buy a DS and start listening to these guys. Good times.
This podcast is great. If you got a ds or getting one subscibe. It's funny and in the know. These guys can get off topic and make you laugh.
I just bought my nintendo DS lite and was looking for a good DS podcast to fill me in on all of the DS stuff i've missed. The only bad thing about this show is that it is posted only every 2 weeks. Its one of the podcasts I am always checking for new episodes everyday because I like it so much. Keep up the great work guys
Just started listening and I have to say this is one of my favorites! The perfect mix of professionalism and randomness. Thanks for all the great info and reviews!
This Podcast is on the top of my list of favorites to listen to right up there w/ Engadget due to the great dialogue by all the guys sometimes being funny while not slowing it down to much. since getting my DS lite I have been addicted to it and love to hear about new releases and news for it. (it's nice to know how well my little DS lite is selling and how many good games are for it) :)
Was looking for a good DS cast, and this filled the void. They have good commentators, and good topics. I like it because it has people on it that are around my age (married with kids), and makes me feel less(or more) like a manchild.


By Hiway49
This could be a 5 star podcast if these guys would do a weekly show. So far though, there is no telling when the next one will be. The guys talking are great, sound is perfect....again, only problem is, where the heck is the next one?
The true mobile handheld, DS Lite, has reach critical mass. Recently, I've become a member of this "critical mass". So naturally, this podcast is a good fit. Good production and three entertaining hosts. Here's to more DS Life to come.