Darker Projects: Sword of Windsor

Reviews For Darker Projects: Sword of Windsor

It's just two shows, and then ends with no explanation. This is something I'm seeing in all the Darker Projects podcsats; there's no completion or ending, the series will just end with no explanation. That said it's actually good, and interesting, but......... you need to know going in that there's no end.
This is just the first 2 episodes, it is not a compete series. Appears to barely start the series. Story sort of typical - explorer ship returns for a long trip to find a war took place and was lost while they were gone - so what are they going to do? They are fugitives on the run with enemies all around them. Not ground breaking but might have been entertaining if the series was either complete or ongoing, which unfortunately it is not.
If you love the The Falcon Banner, then you will Love this one. I do have to say that Darker Projects are the best. I am so happy that i have found this... Please keep working on bring this to use.