Reviews For TotalPicture: Talent Acquisition, HR Tech, Careers, Leadership, Future of Work

Peter and his guests share actionable and inspiring lessons to expertly vet, hire and retain rockstar talent. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to TotalPicture if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to find & hire the right people (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Peter has an all star line-up of interviews with the "who's who" of the HR industry-it's a great way to get up to speed quickly on the latest HRTech trends.
I think this is a great podcast, full of clear, awesome content. Peter is a great host, and presents the info in an engaging way
really enjoy this podcast and Peter's perspective. Obviously geared toward HR tech, but I would also recomend to anyone interested in business, leadership, or productivity. Some really great things to take away on all those accounts
Just kidding of course... Peter is a wonderful person and his podcast is extremely valuable to our market. Please subscribe and share with your colleagues. Keep up the brilliant work Peter...
I enjoyed our interview, Peter! It is also important to stress that job seekers and people wanting to advance their careers, should not only think of themselves as salespeople, but also as change agents. Opportunity only comes with change. So, helping your employeer or client identify opportunities, and then helping them make the changes required to capture those opportunities will make you a very valuable and upwardly mobile employee!
Total Picture Radio is the prototype of the perfect career podcast: engaging, visionary, entertaining, inclusive, and insightful. Peter identifies the leading trends by his innate sense of who to interview and what questions will bring out true game-changing ideas.
To promote buddhism was out of line to me. Normally a good program, but my respect for the host has been bumped down several notches. If you want to keep your audience, keep it about trends and general advice.
There is seriously no better way to spend your commute than listening to Peter Clayton's Total Picture Radio. I have known Peter for many years and he's something I would absolutely trust for any and all guidance related to jobs and careers. His interviews are thought-provoking and lively, and he knows how to bring the best out in all his guests. Highly recommended!
It took me ten years to go from concept to award winning consumer products company with national retail distribution, yet Peter accurately captured the trials and tribulations of my decade journey into a concise twenty minute interview. Amazing. Forget CliffNotes, Peter gives the Total Picture.
Peter's podcasts keep me fresh on the latest in career management and recruiting. His topics are varied and his guests are inspiring! Highly recommended for anyone interested in this space.
Peter talks to the kind of people any professional concerned about their career, or the recruiting/HR industry, would want to know. Excellent interviews that are informational and engaging. I've been listening for many years and always enjoy each new episode.
Peter Clayton's interviews with a wide range of companies, leaders and other experts are a valuable resource for any business person, offering insights on a variety of human capital and business topics. At the same time, they're short and to the point - highly recommended.
I tune in to Peter's podcasts (and his website) to stay on top of trends in careers. His guests are always interesting and he's a terrific host. Highly recommended especially for HR execs and job hunters.
Peter's podcasts are a great asset to anyone seeking career advice or who just wants to keep up with the latest trends in the world of work. A must subscribe for any itunes listener.
Peter has produced an admirable body of work with this series. He's the "Terry Gross" for the career professional and does a great job interviewing those who are driving the business talent. He offers a program produced in the best tradition of radio-style interviews.
I've been listening to Peter for quite a while now and have had the great opportunity to actually have had some personal conversations with him...a real privilege.