Reviews For St. Luke's United Methodist Church - Houston, Texas


Tom is brilliant when it comes to scriptures. He's probably one of the best worship leaders that I know of and he explains God and believing in Christ so well. I love his sermons every week
Pastor Pace has been such an influence and inspiration in my walk with my sweet Jesus. He humbly allows God to work through him, reaching out to others in such a way that is truly life changing and challenging. I am often left with an "ohh, I get it now" or "wow, me too" kind of feeling after hearing him address an issue I may be wrestling with at the time. His willingness to be humiliated to share a personal life story for Christ is noteworthy and courageous. He is a pastor filled with such integrity and realism...He gets you can get with God....and he is awesome!! Thank you Pastor Pace....
Tom Pace is both challenges me and inspires me! Great Sermons!