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videos are good but aliens vs humans are the best
I think that it was great to bad its over i was looking to all the othe ones thy might ahave made.
This is the worst podcast I've ever encountered, and I've subscribed to several dozen in my day. This tripe sounds like it was put together by a few prepubescent morons. iTunes, why oh why would you allow this garbage to adorn your site?
This is a great collection of videos, the only problem is that if you own an ipod classic the videos will not transfer onto your acount. If you have seen Saving Private Ryan than watch the first Aliens Vs Humans. IT ROCKS.
some videos do not work on the i-pod
poor acting, poor audio, not funny at all! don't subscribe if you know whats good for you!
this doesn't even deserve one star... most pointless and horribly acted piece of trash i've ever seen... horribly put together... not even itunes worthy...


I was once invited to be in this clan and if the guy on my friends list is looking please invite me again. My Gamertag is Altokasmir And if anyone wants to be my friend feel free to shoot me an friendrequest . But anyway great podcast!!!!
dude Spartangreg116 huge halo 2 player love this stuff man thanx 4 the luaghs guys keep it up
i love it!!! an excellent podcast, if you are a halo or halo 2 lover get this podcast and laugh or marvel. if you liked this, i recomend fire team charlie. which has 19 episodes and was much better done, but this is gr8 2. i would love to see more!!!
This podcast provides the videos that are like the ones you see over the web that are funny and cool. I love the comedy episodes, and the music in the action ones. This is the podcast I was wating for. Good job Military Movies!