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I have done all your podcast, power points, google slides, and google docs and learned so much I love it!
This Podcast is very helpful. Loving it so far.
This would be so great if he didn't confuse ser/ estar, preposition and such. And this guy is a certified teacher!! ¡DIOS MIO!
I would use it but not s main instrument . Jus a supplement .
I am trying to learn Spanish to communicate with people from Latin America. Spanish from Spain is different
I love this podcast I already know my basic Spanish words but I would really love to speak full sentences or have a full conversation in Spanish, and this really is helpful for that!
I have been working with Latin American women for the past five years I have been unable to learn Espanol even though I have tried all the podcasts out there, Duolingo , Babble, Rosetta Stone I never had the patience and it seemed so difficult. Yesterday I tried this podcast out with lessons 1,2,3,4 and 5, in my car working and for the first time ever after only 5 very short lessons I actually made a coherent conversation, well a sentence from start to end completely in Spanish! It was wonderful! Even my co worker that I picked up was learning English as I was learning Spanish! Excellenta Now I just need to learn the correct spelling! Gracias!!!
“Es fácil olvidar hacer algo” (no need to use TO) I think it’s a good survival podcast but the information isn’t accurate. The usage of ES it changes according to certain rules, “este plato está sucio” it’s the correct form because you are talking about something temporary. ES in this case would talk about other characteristics. Also adjectives are Used before the noun You cannot say: “amigo bueno” it should be “buen amigo” The instructor needs to study a little Bit more, but I appreciate somebody trying to teach Spanish.
He doesn’t even say non of the words properly within me hearing the first 3 minutes.
Love the explanations given when comparing english and Spanish. Really helps me understand! Thanks


By Tray78*
It's ok. Gives words/phrases with good explanations.
Way too many shameless plugs to buy the app owner's app, buy stuff at his website, and subscribe to his social feeds. The podcasts are usually between 10 and 15 minutes and it is very common for him to put 3 to 4 shameless plugs in one podcast which takes up too much time. There should be at max 3 to 4 shameless plugs a week let alone a day. Remove the excessive shameless plugs and I will come back to listening to your podcast.
Like the podcast, hate the shouting of phrases like "qué vaya!!! Vamanos!!! And muy bieeeeeeeen..." Just stop it. It's so loud it hurts!
The podcasts are only okay. DO NOT PAY FOR PREMIUM. He touts his premium package every podcast and promises pdf and documents but they are no longer available. He does not answer email inquiries to those who have paid and would like access. I can’t stand listening to someone who is a bait and switch operator. Try Coffee Break Espanol - no comparison, it is great.
This is a good supplement to help you learn Spanish, but he spends much of his podcast trying to sell you his upgrades.
Muy mal español el que dices enseñar! Se dice: El plato está sucio, no el plato es sucio! Muchos errores!!


Normally I don't leave reviews, but I made an exception this time. I actually listened to this podcast for a while, starting with the first few, before I realized this wasn't for me. Learning phrases like, "That makes me vomit", or "Don't bother me", "Leave me alone", "That wasn't good" are not "survival phrases" to me. I don't plan on learning $&@-hole tourist Spanish, I want to speak regular Spanish. I know, it's free, so there is that. If you want to learn Spanish, get the Duolingo app, it's much better.
I am mexican, I listened to pne episode just for fun and........ Too many mistakes!!!
I can't speak to the accent issue that some recent reviewers mentioned, but this podcast has been really helpful to me to brush up on basic Spanish in preparation for a vacation in Mexico.
As a native spanish speaker ( i'm from spain) i think the way you explain things its good , but your accent is bad ! Like really bad ! Sorry for saying this though
There are things that are not well explained. For example, my dish is dirty is not mi plato es sucio, is mi plato está sucio. And there are a lot more. I don't totally recommend this postcad
HIs teaching during Word of the Day is somewhat correct. His phrase “a veces es facil olvidar para hacer algo” is not correct. He does not need to say the word “para” (to) in this sentence. I’m a Spanish speaker and we don’t say it like that. Just leave the word “para” out. Podcast is a little repetitive, but may work for some. Good luck.
Love this podcast. It's great for brushing up on what I learned in high school and college- I'm not at all a newbie so I have and have different appreciation for how to best learn languages. This cast is great for beginners and advanced speakers who want a review and/or to learn some new vocabulary and grammar. I love David's energy!!!
I don't care what anyone says, this podcast is top notch. You may hear his American accent but your still learning a lot. Complaining about his American accent is like complaining that you can't learn from an American professor teaching Spanish in school.
Good lessons. Thanks!
There are some helpful phrases here, and the short bits of content are good. HOWEVER -- it gets very old very fast how often the instructor mentions his premium, paid content. I will not be continuing with this because of that factor. If you want to advertise your paid content, do so either at the beginning or at the end. Do not repeat it so often that instead of being filled with things to learn, nearly half of each podcast is actually just a) you pitching your products or b) you playing your guitar. I wish you the best in the future.
His grammar is incorrect and his pronunciation is pretty crap too!
Absolutely love this teacher. He is very clear, and very helpful. I've taken six years of Spanish language instruction. These podcasts are a great refresher course for phrases I might have forgotten, and sometimes never learned in the first place. An absolute must if you are looking for some helpful language podcasts before traveling. Thanks David!!
I am learning a lot very well here
Thank you for taking the time to improve me.
Is there anyone can show me where could i download the transcript? My spanish is not good enough to catch up with what Dave said in the audio. Frankly, if the transcript is not available, this podcast is useless. So sorry to say that.
This made learning a new language fun!
Makes learning Spanish easy and useful! Teaches you phrases you will actually use!
Very helpful
I've been listening for 1 week and already learned so much. Great job Dave! Thanks
This has helped me learn spanish. He makes it fun to learn. I hope to go to Spain this year and now I feel that I can at least order lunch and get a hotel room. Thanks
Re: Oct. 20, 2011 - the Did you know? Trivia Edition I didn't know that English is also a Latin-based language because that is absolutely false. English shares Latin-based vocabulary through its exposure to Latin-based languages, mostly French, and Latin itself. It is a Germanic-based language in every way.
Makes so a new language manageable and fun!
I'd pay for his services if he would cut out the waste of time with music and his unnecessary enthusiasm. I would rather have a robot teach me Spanish than this annoying Vato.
muchas gracias..este programa es lo que he estado buscando..thank you so much..you make learning spanish fun..usted es un profesor de espanol excelente..Que Dios los bendiga!
You MUST spend about 1-2 months of BASIC spelling and grammar. After that, it is very useful. A follow up on all of the negative comments on his accent, if you learn your language in a way you can understand first, and then slowly train your ear for Spanish, you will be much better off. And although most of you are annoyed from the repetitiveness of it, it's actually better that way.
This podcast is SO helpful! Having sentences broken down, and the practical lessons are very beneficial. Also, lessons are short enough to keep my limited attention! Thank you so much!
These podcasts are very useful. They have to address users of varying degrees of Spanish knowledge and anyone learning the language will glean important information. They also provide good practice for those who do not speak Spanish every day. All in all, Dr. Spencer does a jam-up job!
I'm currently a student, had a very hard time because of Spanish. Stumbled across this podcast and I gotta say it's really helpful! I'm learning really fast now and mi vocabulario has really grown! thanks alot!
Does a great job of breaking each word down, which helped me a lot. Thnx Dave!
I am realy learning spanish so fast, David Spencer is doing a great job and it is so much fun to listen and learn, I love it and listen to him in every workout session, great PODCAST.
I like the way they break and explain the expressions and sentences .
i lessened to ur intro i was looking for french and i ran accross this and i think its great that u r doing this. i already no spanish and i want to learn french but muy bien continua.