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Good in depth, well written, podcast enjoy listening to it. Very informative.
This podcast is so refreshing. Strip away all the excessive production that many of the others seem to rely on, almost as a crutch, music and all, and you get this podcast. Talk to the person who wrote the story and get the information. It's succinct and covers stories that don't seem to be reported elsewhere, at least not as thoroughly. Really enjoy this podcast. Always gives me things to think about and share with others. Thank you. keep up the excellent work.
I found the stories that these journalists write about very interesting & I became a personal fan of their writing & style so when they dropped their former bosses & started 404 media I had to follow! Keep up the great work!!
I love getting the daily newsletter article in my inbox, and I love the in-depth reporting this podcast provides just as much!
404 is one of the podcasts that I’ll play immediately when there’s a new episode. Real journalists doing real journalism that will get you stories before they’re trending on twitter. My only issue is that when it comes to AI they sometimes sound like horse riders in the 1920’s high-fiving each other as they dunk on automobiles and how hilarious it is that people think they’ll ever replace horses. I also think AI right now is still mostly sizzle, no steak and super cringe. But I think it’ll sneak into our lives like the internet did. And I remember people dunking on the WWW. I say this as an gen xer who first got online via Prodigy. But really everyone should listen to this podcast because these journalists are seriously in top of it. Their logo’s cool, too.
404 is on the cutting edge
In the face of cuts and layoffs across the media landscape, 404 Media are the real deal. Really excellent reporting.
404 Media’s journalism has immediately had an outsized impact for their size. Fantastic stories about the tech world covered in a way no one else is, and are genuinely making a difference
I am more or less constantly sending 404 media articles to my friends - the journalists who make up 404 media do really phenomenal work - this podcast also is excellent
I'm a new subscriber to 404 Media and really appreciate how this podcast allows me to catch up on what 404 Media has been doing. For me, the reporting also fills the gap left by The Content Mines, and then some. I enjoy the way the stories cover the intersection between technology, crime, and content moderation.
Outstanding and compassionate reporting.
Lefty pearl clutching about tech “news”, which is actually just not very interesting inside-baseball twitter nonsense.
i've never seen joseph cox this happy and im very proud of him. long time listener of cyber from motherboard and i just assumed he was really, really serious, but now hes crackin jokes and havin a good time! i guess vice really messed with his psyche. great content as well. #1 joseph cox stan (jk im not weird)
The journalists at 404 Media report and write stories that no one else is doing. They were doing that already at Motherboard and they are still doing it at 404. I also love that they are giving listeners a behind the scenes look at the stories they write about. This is a fun and informative podcast, and it’s the only place you can hear about these stories, because no one else is doing the same work they do. Highly recommended.
I’m so relieved that these guys haven’t thrown in the towel. As a team especially, they consistently produce content of the highest quality. I’m really gonna miss a few of the other programs, but very happy that some of the best stuck around!!!
Check out the Instagram episode re: the ads for dr$g$. Really informative and from a trustworthy team of journalists!
For years the team at VICE’s Motherboard was producing some of the best and most unique science and tech journalism available. The quality and depth of reporting was often buried in the noise of a largely dysfunctional and I’ll-managed parent organization, but the talent and dedication of Motherboards content was hard to deny. Now that team is free of the shackles of their corporate overlords and have quickly eclipsed their past efforts with a new podcast and media platform. Absolutely worth your time. Fantastic podcast.
I will follow Emanuel Maiberg anywhere after that Last of Us Part II story.
Excited to see what scoops y’all deliver!