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I have learned so much about the value horror stories, the nature of horror, and writing horror listening to this podcast. I have also learned a lot more about humans, myself included and what it means to “Not Look Away”. To not be repulsed or afraid to look at evil - in order to stand up to it in the world today. I highly recommend this podcast. I hope there is a second season.
I was intrigued when I first heard about this podcast, and to be honest, I haven’t been disappointed. Some people have commented on the host being a little cheesy, but there are many horror movies that lean into that too, so I see it as authentic to the genre. I will say that I don’t particularly like the editing style. It sometimes feels like the episodes jump around without continuity which can be a little confusing if you’re not paying close attention. That being said, I still think it’s a good conversation piece and I appreciate the work going into it.
I had such high hopes for this podcast. I should have known better when I saw that it was produced by Christianity Today which has drifted far, far left from what it was founded upon by Billy Graham and led by Carl F. H. Henry. Russell Moore sought to drag the Southern Baptist Convention left but had to leave in shame and is seeking to do the same with this once great ministry. I assumed that the podcast would give a Christian perspective to horror genre and a biblical understanding why humans fear but it has done neither. Each episode is a slam at the patriarchy, the police, and white people for the cause of fear that everyone is feeling (listen to episode 8). Very disappointing.
I’m a Christian who loves literature, philosophy, and horror. This podcast is thrilling and substantive. It really captures how horror wrestles with the darkest features of human nature and the world—a crucial artistic purpose. The production quality and guests are top-notch. Well-done!
I got to study under this guy at Fuller. What a cool broski
I'm a child trauma survivor who turned to "scary movies" for reasons I didn't fully understand. The home I was adopted into was religious - and scary. My fascination with horror genres stayed with me long after I left there, but it wasn't until much later that I connected the "why." This show has provided lots of insights and an unexpected surprise - freedom from shame that I've been lugging around because I like scary movies and love Jesus. Great show!
Obviously, the podcast as a whole isn’t complete. But I think my rating would remain the same due to the host. I love the premise, and the concept of exploring fear and faith. I really enjoy the interviews and some of the content, but there is something about the host that makes the podcast incredibly cheesy. His voice and intonation, perhaps. Serious cheesy youth pastor vibes. I don’t really understand why there’s this cheesy “performance-like” tone to his voice, but it’s contrasted by the normal, engaging speaking voices of the interviewees. It could very well not bother you, but it definitely makes the overall podcast a little difficult to really enjoy, at least for me. It’s a little ironic because at one point, the host talks about cheesy Christian content…while his podcast is borderline cheesy Christian content because of him ;) There are definitely some good moments though. And maybe it’ll get better as it continues.
I love that CT is looking at horror movies from a Christian perspective. As a Christian and someone who enjoys the genre, I’ve seen people regard the the two topics as oil and water, so I am very thankful that this podcast exists. It examines the good of recognizing evil and the various forms that fear takes. As is mentioned in the intro episode, we are currently a society riddled with fear and anxiety, I think looking at horror movies is an easy way to start thinking about and addressing our deeper fears and learning how to “fear rightly”. I genuinely get excited when I wake up on Friday and know the next episode is up!
Enjoying this podcast and all the topics that it engages in the horror genre. It is both informing and entertaining. I also like that it teaches you how to think about the horror genre, not what to think about it. It has helped me learn how think about the things that scare me, and see those things redemptively. It has been helping me process those things and face them head on, without ignoring them anymore. Rather than pretending those things don’t exist, I ask God, “Why am I afraid of this?” and it has helped me become more self aware, releasing those fears to God and learning to see them rightly in light of Him. Thanks for this all of the hard work you are putting into these episodes! It really shows, and it is making an impact! Blessings!
At first I thought I couldn’t listen to a deeper dive into the topic on fear well because I might be afraid. But as we get to know our fear I think we are learning about ourselves and our wonderful creator and perhaps an acceptance and balance.
Wow. And I had low expectations going into this. Like low. Especially after hearing the host call himself a “person of Christian faith” in the teaser. Not a Christian, you see. It’s much more nuanced than that, and you probably don’t understand. This is a podcast about movies. Kinda. Like scary ones. At least, it’s about Hollywood. And being on a journey together. That’s what it’s all about. And hearing from “expert” psychologists talking about evolution and representation and trauma and underlying psychological circuitry, with light profanity to keep it super reals ya know? Because that’s what this podcast is all about. Because really, horror movies are basically just truth tellers. Like the Bible. They help us fear rightly, my guys. Wow. And THAT is what this podcast is about. The hokey, predictable, platitude-ridden cringe-fest that was 1990s Christianity has apparently now been fully reincarnated in everything CT does. No wonder they commissioned the fake five star reviews. Just pull the plug on this now, for all our sakes.
Has sparked much discussion for me and my friends.
Incredible story telling to invoke thought and insight. It has you recognizing you need fear. Not so much for protection but to gain insight and wisdom. Truly enjoying the on the edge of my seat, what will come next. Not that I’m afraid but more so what am I missing. This is an episode that I’ll listen to multiple times to fully grasp and eagerly await the next one.
waiting for each new episode. Super interesting exploration of the intersection of the horror genre and Christianity.
of a podcast this awful. Smarmy host.
High level production quality meets substantive content. Kutter is an incredible narrator on such a pervasive issue-fear. Looking forward to what’s ahead!
Horror is watched by many and this podcast opens the “why” door.