Reviews For The Peace Revolution Podcast (Archive Stream 2006-Present)

Great podcast, listen to all the episodes going backwards.
I look forward to Richard's work every month. I have gone back to the first episodes and have listened to many of them more than once. I feel the education that this podcast provides is life-changing and a powerful tool to get one in tune with reality and what's really important (i.e.. Trivium, philosophy, history). As I learned more of Richard Grove's story while listening to the podcasts he put together long after Project Constellation, it all began to make more and more sense to me. He comes form a perspective that has seen "both sides of the coin" and can provide first hand experience in the experience of having a reality shattered while having to come to terms with how to process it. His work with Tragedy and Hope is the ultimate manifestation of helping others entrenched in the 9-5 rat-race to see what they are really working for and towards, and although things may seem bleak, learning truly is the answer.
This podcast changed my life...Facts, Theory, Documentation, Insight, its here for you to peruse and ingest and make your own conclusions. This is a MUST LISTEN. Nobody puts it together like Richard Grove and his ever growing Tragedy and Hope community. Clear, calm and concise, Mr. Grove puts the puzzle of actual history and current events together to lead you to the deeper reality of the world as we know it and how it came to the precarious precipace we find our selves on now. Listen, take notes and prepare yourself for the rabbit hole.
I stumbled across this podcast a week or so ago when I was looking for something that could retrain me in my critical thinking skills. I had no idea what was in store for me however. The first episode I listened to was #1 of tragedy and hope. This is by far the best I've been able to find. I've listened to 3 episodes so far and I'm undergoing a major paradigm shift (my brother jokingly called it an existential crisis). I've never had my brain hurt when pondering new things I've learned, but this podcast has done it to me. I love it! If you're into the status quo, definitely give this a listen. The state of confusion many members of western society are in right now would be mostly alleviated with the ideas and concepts discussed here. Please give it a listen. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to see if I can make my brain hurt again.
Great info! Podcasts need to be titled what they are first, then if you must include the name of the series, add it at the end. All that is visible on iPhone is the name of the podcast for each ep. We can't tell what each ep is about. For the creators of this show, go to podcast store and see for yourself. Thank you.


I can't get enough of this podcast it's fantastic I listen to it over and over Thanks Richard and staff.
24 hours barely pass before I find myself checking to see if a new episode has been added. This podcast has changed my life, and has provided me with a body of knowledge so vast it doesn't even compare to the "liberal arts" education I received during college. Richard Grove and his production team manage to connect and arrange the complex events of history into a grand picture of the world, and the finished product goes a long way in illustrating how and why we have arrived at this particular moment in history. This is truly a "must-listen" for any inquisitive individual, irregardless of whether or not you are a history, philosophy, art, or science buff...all of these topics are interwoven into the grand scheme of this production.
This is an incredible podcast. I started by listening to the John Taylor Gatto episodes which are truly the "ultimate" history lesson. It is also about educating and informing people about the core issues that face humanity, and addressing how a -peaceful- revolution can occur by giving people the tools and information they need to be able to accurately see what is happening and do something about it. So many people are looking for solutions and this is a good start.
The series of podcasts covering John Taylor Gatto's interview and commentary alone, are priceless. Can't wait to listen to the rest as they are very informative and the podcasters are very well spoken in getting out information.
I've learned more in the past year from this podcast about American and world history than I learned in my entire "academic" career that includes two bachelor's degrees. I recommend this podcast to any patriot.
Extremely vital and positive energy grove and co. disseminate to the world. Ive read some villifying accounts attempting to vitiate grove's research and message and most of them are unfounded ad hominem denigrations that fail to refute or address the knowledge he possesses and proselytizes. To those unsure of someone's motives it is imperative to first listen to what they have to say without rendering judgment and then to question what possible ulterior motives they might have. Thirdly we should examine what they say and make sure that we can convince ourselves of their validity and veracity by crosschecking instead of accepting it straight from the mouths of the talking heads. Lastly we should inquire as to the tone of the message. Is it one of fearmongering or one of hope and reconciliation? All of these points are endorsed by Grove not just considered in the vast array of information throughout the annals of history and the corporate media realm, but specifically to challenge or question what he himself is claiming. Grove does not charge for his nuggets of wisdom and empirical proofs, but instead implores us to find it in our hearts and checkbooks to donate what we can in order to help him continue to provide us with invaluable and informative information, particularly if we find it helpful. Here are just a couple of the changes he suggests we make: Turning off our televisions, averting fruitless nonproductive activities and returning to our families, friends, communities and learning environments; to get books and read them specifically those that teach us the trivium, quadrivium, and the true liberal arts classical education in order to teach ourselves how to learn, not what to learn and dissociate ourselves from the deceptive, demagogic practices of those who wield them in the mainstream media, advertising, marketing, political, economic, religious, and social hemispheres (my particular favorite was a 60 volume set designed by the university of chicago for the most elite families and corporations that cohesively, chronologically and comprehensively presents the great conversation between all the eminent philosophers, literary and poetical giants, scientists, mathematicians, economists, and historians from the last 2500 years); to consider altenative sources of media in addition to the more well known ones in order to gain the most profound understanding through their synthesis; to use reason and logic as opposed to thoughtless emotional responses; these are just a few of the talking points of someone whose agenda seems to simply be discovering the truth and hardly that of a crackpot or swindler. The truth which i think you'll find is only intrinsically and not extrinsically profitable to grove and those who who merely consider their possibility and existence. It is also a truth that appears to call into question the hegemonism and profit structure of the majority of the corporations in the world. Ultimately it's a message of love and one of the most significant life altering experiences i've ever had.
When I think of how far I've come in my life, going from a habitual time-waster addicted to distraction, now to compulsive autodidact hungry for self-improvement, I think of a before-and-after moment that tipped the scales and transformed me. That moment was episode one of this podcast. Make certain that you keep your mind open while listening and I can assure that you will come away with a new (and I believe more enlightened) perspective on how to think. Here is a starting point for you: If we need a group of independent people to teach us 'how to think' through a podcast, why aren't we taught these valuable tools in school? Tools that take as little time as episode one and two of this podcast to familiarize yourself with. Why?
I have been listening since around 06 and this is by far the best podcast out there. Thank you Richard!!!
Excellent podcast. Worth your time to start from episode one. Richard is a fantastic host and the stuff you learn from his clips are priceless. I can't recommend this enough.
Richard Grove delivers information about America in a brilliant and understandable way. He's not afraid to tell the truth and wakes up minds sensitively yet directly. I was at ground zero on 9/11 and deep in my heart I knew something was very wrong. They were too quick to point fingers without thoroughly investigating all of the evidence. That's just the tip of the iceberg of our current situation. It's one hell of a rabbit hole!! My hats off to Richard and Lisa for all of the work that they have done with their research and art and wish them luck in Toronto with their film!
This podcast will not disappoint: It is made up of highlights of 1000's of hours of research; and contains rare interviews, speeches, and other media you won't find elsewhere. Everyone interested in learning about the crimes of 9/11 needs to know who Richard Grove is! Even if you are not a beginner, you will still find plenty of valuable information.
Anyone investigating 911 will eventually come across Richard and his initial cry to the world from his Meria Heller Show release, aka Project Constellation. The activities he witnessed in the corporate world and the research he's done to make previously unknown connections within the elite Money Syndicate is unparalleled. This is a must listen for any person searching for truth within AND outside the realm of 911; for that person realizes that 911 is just one example of a myriad of deceptions that exist in this world today. You will find that these podcasts are wonderful marches through the real life matrix of knowledge that has been collectively hidden from us for centuries. The podcasts usually only consist of about half an hour of Mr. Grove's personal observations. He chooses his words carefully and they have a feel of poetry. Perhaps it is his energy, his gifted oration skills, I don't know but I enjoy listening to his voice in the same vein that I dig a good Terence McKenna recording. The rest is artfully compiled selections of public media; pertinent movies, documentaries, TV shows, news, music, all chosen with a purpose of revealing a simple point. The diverse source of material is appealing and easy to get caught up will notice that the podcasts get longer and longer (some up to 8 hours). Nobody said a well fed mind comes through crib sheets! Perhaps you have seen or heard a portion of the show on your own searching of truth. You can skip over some of these sections and narrow down the time. Do what you can to get through them and you should be pleasantly surprised. Richard has proven time and time again via his podcasts he is incredibly intelligent and has a never ending drive to unite this malfunctioning machine known as humanity. His words of wisdom can fuel your motivation to invoke positive change withiin your spheres of influence. I cannot give enough praise to this podcast program. It has given the much needed motivation anyone finds notoriously missing when they take the road less traveled. Definite 5 stars.
If you have any questions about the events surrounding 9/11 (you should have thousands!) and the general state of power and governance in the world we live in you NEED to listen to these podcasts!!! These podcasts are expertly crafted to deliver the maximum in information, while maintaining, and sometimes resurrecting the context to which each piece ultimately belongs. I continually return to these podcasts and always learn more and more upon each visit. 9/11 Synchronicity is a pure and refreshing wellspring of truth and understanding in a barren desert wasteland of corporate owned and operated junk-media. Drink up heartily, fellow Citizens, for there is enough, and to spare.
At first I was intrigued by the connections of the insurance giant to 9/11, but each episode awakens my thirst for new knowledge. We are fed a load of bull from the beginning of our lives. Why should the fairytale of 9/11 presented by the establishment be any different? The rich and powerful play for keeps and they will label any alternate view of their cover story a "conspiracy theory". This podcast is like an electronic subscription to the Learning Annex. It's mind blowing and edifying. Thanks for the enlightenment Mr. Grove!