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This podcast was great and well worth the listen. If you enjoyed it as I did, check out The Bigfoot Show Podcast which is the creator's (Brian) new show which is also great.
Very enjoyable. I think the narrator / writer of these "BIPs" has genuine talent to relate what he knows and does about any topic he chooses. I'm thrilled he chooses Bigfoot.
This is by far the best, most interesting, and most well-produced bigfoot podcast out there. It is outstanding. I truly wish there were more episodes! Please!
This is a supremely well-made podcast. The editing is quietly superb and the tone is just what I was looking for in a late night listen. My only complaint is that production seems to have stopped. Very well done.
Great podcast!!! Love the interviews and when he goes into the field to talk with real respectable researchers not people who are just out messing around. Way to go and keep it up!!!
This is really an enjoyable podcast to listen to. I find it funny that the twit above was knocking the guests for sounding uneducated while he has blatant typos and misspellings in his review. Practice what you preach and go back to school before calling others uneducated.


More Please!
Love it, love it, love it!! More please!!!!
show would be allot better if the people interviewed did not sound so uneducated,, every sentence ends with AHHH ya know.. host is great guy really into what he does
Best Bigfoot podcast period wish they would make more !!!!
This is an extremely well produced and hosted show. I listened to all the archived episodes the first day I found this podcast. Interesting guests, actual interviews and participation in the field....can't wait for the next show....keep them coming!
Bigfoot Information Project delievers the goods! Every podcast from start to finish is very informative, entertaining and well done. Can't wait for the next one!
These podcasts are among the best discussions of the bigfoot subject I've ever heard. Please keep them coming. For future guests, might I reccomend Autumn Williams, Don Keating in Ohio, and Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society for a an eastern bigfoot discussion. Keep up the good work.
Please Come out with some more
Very well done show - great for those who take Bigfoot research seriously. It's like spending time "in the field" from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully Brian will get the chance to produce more of these very soon. He has a great voice and is a masterful storyteller and talented interviewer.
One of the only bigfoot podcasts that is not only coherent and on topic but also well produced. My only problem is that is to rarely recorded. THIS is the benchmark that all the "good 'ole boys" bigfoot shows should aim for.
When can we expect some new episodes?
Done in a very professional manner. Unbiased scientific research. Riveting.
This is coolest PodCast I've found yet. Sure its a subject that I happen to be interested in but Brian Brown tells a great story. This isn't just an "open mic" recording. Its a quality production with awesome audio quality from his field experiences. You really feel like you are there. Thanks Brian!
A very informative, intelligent show. I really enjoy live recording, it's like I'm riding shot gun. Hope to hear more Allen
This isn't just a normal discussion or interview podcast, but an excellent well-produced, single-topic episode show. Each show has a new program feel to it witgh great info. Brian, keep up the great work.
It is too bad that five stars is the highest rating that can be given to these superb shows. They keep getting better and better.
This has to be the best bigfoot related podcast ever. it's like sitting around a camp fire telling stories. just do what i do, put your headphones on and lie in bed listening to this. you wont be disapointed
this was well done. good format, clean and interesting. thanks and please keep this podcast going!
I LOVE this podcast - you have the best BF information available. Please don't stop here and continue with more episodes... Please!
Excellent program, information and format! Very very well done!! Please do not stop at 4 episodes.. St.Croix
Great Podcast. I can't wait to hear more!
I was amazed at the info about america's history of bigfoot. Very well done!!
I heard alot of these types of podcasts but this one is done just right,keep them coming.