Reviews For Murder in Apartment 12

It’s a good story and told well, but I’m still not finished because the way these cops are trying to railroad this poor kid is so frustrating I had to take a break!!!!
Keith is a great narrator and the sound affects and. Every thing are so good thank you!
I can't believe I listened to this for almost 5 hours and no resolution. SUPER frustrating.
Well that was unexpected. Wow what a wild ride. Keith was outstanding. I’ll just say this - If you haven’t heard the updates to the episode years ago, you have no clue how much there is to the rest of story - my mind is still reeling. Well worth rhe listen! Unexpectedly shocking. And you’ll find you love Keith Morrison even more for his role.
This poor girl dies and I have to listen to the POV of this boyfriend, who makes it all about him. No, thank you.
Annoying voice and cadence, awkward pauses frequent bland and cliche metaphors, and way, way too much taken creative license describing scenes, thoughts, motives. I listened to all of the episodes, more out of laziness than being on the edge of my seat. The story as a whole, however, is compelling and interesting, thus the two stars.
Keith Morrison never disappoints to expose the truth! I will never go to Arkansas! what a bunch of backward inbred illogical idiots! Kevin you’d better get wise get out of that hick town full of brainless people and take your family with you. Gary Dune definitely killed Nona and he will kill again as long as Frost, King of the idiots is running the show! Nona’s stepdad is probably coming after you one day! He never said you were innocent. I think he killed his first wife and Nona’s desperate lonely mom is his next victim! Kevin you and your family should write a book about your experience and call it, Surrrounded by Idiots, bestseller, I’d buy it!
I’m only 5 minutes into the second edition Isolde and I already have zero Trust for her step dad. He’s a controlling slime ball and sadly the mom doesn’t seem smart enough to recognize. I would never be alone with that man. I’ll keep listening but it’s him in my opinion


can somebody please explain to me any actual evidence against kevin ?? … at all ? it shocks me that her parents can talk about how broken our judicial system is … i agree but in the sense that kevin was hounded and the ONLY suspect with nothing more than a palm print. this investigation was horrible.
With the amount of technology and resources available how do things like this happen? So infuriating. Any decent crime junkie could have done a better job with this case than the police did.
I devoured this series while driving and regularly yelled at the podcast. The police department and prosecutors in this case were so stunningly incompetent that it’s embarrassing to lawyers and cops everywhere. The collective IQ of all involved barely exceeded room temperature. If you’re looking for a podcast to increase your blood pressure and answer the question, “Are there reallyyyyy terrible cops out there?” this is the show for you.
I found it incredible how one person’s incompetence and idiotic stubbornness (detective frost) literally ruined people’s lives. He seems to be in the completely wrong line of work, what happened to following the evidence? Did he even go to police school? It was so frustrating to hear this story. My heart goes out to Kevin jones and his family I hope they can recover from this.
I listened to this because I grew up in Dover but had moved away before this happened. I thought it was interesting for that reason but thought the tone was distasteful. Some of the cheesy humor / puns felt out of place for such a tragic loss of life and horribly conducted investigation. Disappointed in dateline for that reason.
I absolutely LOVE Keith Morrison! He is an amazing reporter & host. Anything with Keith Morrison is bound to attract your attention. Another amazing podcast from Dateline!
The entire series is worth a listen just so you can have context for when the defense attorney is challenged “off camera” - I won’t spoil it for you but sufficed to say, that is what hard hitting journalism sounds like.
This case is so infuriating on so many levels, it’s unreal. The mom, the investigators/investigation, the jurors.. everything about it was pathetically handled. And don’t even get me started on the step dad. So sad and so frustrating
Soooooooo, it was the stepdad…right?


Kinda took the wind out, made a preparatory scenario turned to real life and those implications. I couldn’t imagine much worse. My children mean more to me than my own life. So no. No way no how. Keith though! & NBC Producers -excellent job! Love and share! Kellye R. CenLAw Podcast
This story breaks my heart. The ineptitude of the investigators is astonishing then again the same state botched the Memphis 3 investigation 30 years ago. Thankfully the boyfriend was acquitted. The jurors are infuriating.
This was a sad case on so many levels.. Frost and Dipert are horrible men! This poor kid Jones gets shafted and was innocent and the perv Dunn that was guilty got away with it. I could listen to Morrison narrate the phone book! He’s phenomenal!
I’m hate to say this about people that lost someone, but listening to the mom and step dad’s ignorance blows my mind away.
Talk about failing up!! How does and incompetent detective become captain?!
Frost got promoted when he should be in prison. Smh
I always look forward to the multi-episode dateline stories. Felt likedateline followed their usual formula of storytelling, but fell short. Most unsatisfying when there is no resolve at the end, it’s the only reason I listen to dateline.

By J+K8
I don’t know how anyone affiliated with this case, or even one having listened to the podcast could believe that anyone other than Gary Dunn killed Nona. The detective in charge should be ashamed of himself letting his own pride decide what he would or would not pursue in this case. If let out of prison, Dunn will continue to prey on women. So frustrating when justice can’t be served because of incompetence.
After years of listening to the Dateline pod, the one takeaway is how absolutely inept and incapable police are. They truly are useless and cause more harm than good in most investigations. Also, the step dad, Duane, is a comical stereotype of man; controlling and a moron at the same time… dangerous combination. Great show and well done, once again.
This is such a sad story. Because of the pride of that detective justice wont be severed for that poor woman and he loved ones. Shame of that detective that has let his pride get in the way of doing the right thing.
Where was the stepdad that morning? He is a controlling, selfish psychopath and the mom is weird too! WHO HAS 10 CATS!?!
So well done. What an infuriating case on so many levels.
I know there are bigger issues but that step dad is a nut bag! Her mom is a weirdo! If some man told me our first date would me cleaning out his refrigerator, there would a whole new podcast I can tell you that!
How is Mark Frost still a police officer? The miscarriage of Justice is incomprehensible, all at the hands of one person who allowed so many lives to be destroyed - for what reason? This is just another nail in the coffin of my trust in our policing and judicial system. Way too many bad actors, and they just keep getting promoted. It’s good yo see daylight shed on the incompetence of a corrupt police department and so very sad for all the victims here.
Get ready to be infuriated. Tragic. A young life sniffed out. Two families’ lives destroyed. What is justice? I didn’t do anything else but listen straight through. Keith Morrison is bold and honest in his reporting. This is very affecting. Be warned. It’s not gruesome as far as true crime but it’s deeply sad and angering.
This is very hard to listen to. These officers and most of the people who believed them are so uneducated and down right ignorant. No sign of common sense in any of them. I just can barely believe how ridiculous the whole thing was. Unfortunately the victim does not get justice because these police are idiots.
What in the world this is an amazing podcast this needs a Grammy award or nomination ❤️❤️❤️
It’s exactly the same format. Not sure why they stretched it.
Thank you for shedding light on the most absurd investigation I’ve heard of. Hard to believe you can be that incompetent and keep your job.
Keith is the best of the best - always a thorough investigative report. This was outstanding. Heartbreaking story.
Nona’s step-father is the true villain of the story. What an atrocious “human”.
this poor girl has a horrible family. bad mom who abandoned her for that weird stepdad. someone should look at him
Yet another example of lazy police and pathetic police work where the “investigators” focus on one person. They ignore all other evidence and lie in order to attempt to convict a person who isn’t guilty. Listening to the garbage investigator at the end whine about how he’s been mistreated and then throws out additional B. S. to try to create doubt is pathetic. To this this man is now a captain for an investigational unit makes me want to puke. He is the personification of what is wrong with “law enforcement” these days. Just sickening.
It’s got it all. Terrible police work. Misogynistic stepdad. 3 trials. Did I mention terrible police work?? Keith Morrison is a savage on this one. ♥️ I truly hope they don’t give up trying to convict the right guy. Nona deserves better. Her family deserves better. Kevin and his family deserve better.
Chose a dude over her trauma survivor young adult 19-20 year old daughter. She needed her mom. I feel as though PARENTS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FIR THE SUFFERING AND STUNTED GROWTH OF THEIR NEGLECTED CHILDREN. We are introduced to the mother of Nona as she is laughing over something trite. Ew.
Loved the pod and story. Told very well. All I could think about was how much of a d**k Dwayne is! Demands cooking and cleaning out of his wives , no dogs no cats and 9pm curfew?!? Way to compromise bud! Yuk.
If you’ve never read a true crime novel or seen a movie, then maybe this is the podcast for you. But the hackneyed writing (…”neither of them knew then that their lives would never be the same”) is so full of cliches, it got old really quickly. Yes, I want to find out what happened to this young woman but I think I’d rather read a nice long magazine or newspaper article about it.