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I’ve been listening to the Sophos podcasts for about 3 years, and I’m pretty amazed there aren’t more excellent reviews of these podcasts. The ‘casters put a lot of time and effort into bringing us the latest threats, and making complex ideas understandable. I particularly liked the ladies’ podcast featuring big data, facial scanning, biometrics, etc. because they stayed on topic and had a lot of excellent content; really learned a lot. Good job, Sophos! Keep up the great work!
Engaging hosts that make info/cyber security fun and approachable for all. A great balance of in depth knowledge and basic background descriptions, so that even if you are very knowledgeable you can still learn and find out more about Sophos research. Sure it is a “branded” podcast but Sophos really is doing a service to the community and this is fun and engaging. Keep it up gang!
I never miss an episode. I work in a small business and manage many aspects of the company. I come from primarily an accounting background so this podcast helps me in doing the limited IT work I am responsible for and to speak more intelligently to the service providers I work with. Keep up the great work.
I look forward to this podcast every week. I enjoy the fact that they cover security while having fun. I like that they always talk about what steps you can take to protect yourself from the incidents they cover. Now if I could only get my friends and family to take those steps… anyway. Thanks for the show and keep up the good work! P.S. Thanks as well for Sophos Home… I’ve been using it for a while now, and it provides great peace of mind for my family's computers.
The last episode of the year’s comment about the christmas stocking made me lose it. I’ve only been listening for a short while (since the dubbing of the name ‘Fido’), but I’ve found this podcast very entertaining to listen to and I’m intrigued on everyone’s backstory to the point where I’m going to catchup from episode 1. The security aspect is just the icing on the cake. I find myself constantly biting at the bit awaiting each new episode. I even went and downloaded the apple podcast app just to leave this rating (I typically use my Android phone for media storage).
I was afraid they had cancelled this show when there were no new episodes for a bit. I love this show and wish that there were more like it! Great source for security and privacy news which is more relevant than ever in the age of ubiquitous data collection and subsequent breaches and leaks.
Welcome back Naked Security season 2. With the new audio upgrade and higher production standards, the best computer security news just got better. Informative, highly researched, carefully vetted information. These folks don't just regurgitate computer security news, they do their own investigative work. This weeks analysis of RDS vulnerabilities is original and first rate.
In the last six months there seems to have been a problem putting the current episode up. The one with the date on 10/31/16 is talking about the retirement of Windows XP and the end of support. I'm pretty sure that's not the one slated to air on 10/31/16. They had it fixed for a while but now it's gone haywire again. The information is great, even the non-current stuff is usually relevant to something, but they need to get this fixed.
The discussions are not as detailed as some security podcasts but are more concise and hit the most important points without a lot of other chatter.
Great podcast about computer security. Keep it up
As an information security professional, I look forward to these weekly podcasts to cover leading threats and vulnerabilities.
To be fair, I'm a big fan of Sophos' products - I don't work for Sophos, but I do recommend their stuff to my clients. In particular, their corporate products for AV and spam. The podcasts are an excellent mix of general educational details - defining malware threats, things to look out for, etc. Each episode is clear and concise, and refreshingly free of marketspeak (in otherwords, they're not pushing their products - they rarely even mention them) If you want to learn more about spam, viruses, phishing, and why this stuff exists - check it out! The lastest episode (as of my review) is episode 11 - a nice overview of what happened in 2006 (Security Threat Overview). It's an excellent starting point for new listeners to get an idea of what the podcast is about.