Reviews For Second Shift: An original fantasy Podplay (high-quality audio version)

I just ran across this and the story sucked me in completely and I absolutely love the characters and the language and I am so impressed listening to this story unfold every step of the way. Amazing escape to just laugh at the personalities and attitudes that clash and mesh and truly wish there was more to look forward to...
I've reached 2007 and have been enjoying it a great deal. Sure, remastering, better tech, etc. would be great but it's not what they had then. Voices get muddled, especially modified magical voices, even with Overcast leveling and boosting. (Imagine- if Apple didn't break the pod player with iOS 11 I wouldn't have found Overcast). I guess the "reports", etc that aren't part of the storyline aren't available so I can't access the constructed language episode. Too bad.
Very well put-together, and more sophisticaed that the average fantasy narrative.
This podcast has everything I need. It has an incredible, engaging narrative with lively, lovable characters. It made me laugh out loud, yell at my phone, and tear up more than once. The writing, world building and audio quality are all fantastic. I know it's been 3-4 years since this wrapped & 10 years since it first came out but on the off-chance that someone stumbles upon it (like I did recently) or that one of the people who made it see this review, I needed to leave my thoughts.
I fell in love with this podcast a few years ago, and I nearly burst with excitement when they released the final episode! Out of sheer anticipation I started listening again from the beginning, and it's even better than I remembered it. My husband has been listening along and loves it too. Personally, I was hooked right from the start, but it's worth knowing that it gets better as you go along and they really find their feet. A lot of folks say it isn't until the end of the second episode that they really feel drawn in, so stick with it, even if the first ep doesn't do it for you. And surely everyone agrees that the second season, which took much longer to produce and has consistently higher production values -- better music, more complexity, stunning sound editing -- is even better than the first. Highly recommended for fantasy lovers and audio book/audio drama aficionados.
Second Shift is a totally engaging story with an excellent cast of characters! The actors do a wonderful job of bringing everyone to life!
I found this completely by accident, but I couldn't stop listening! THAT, is when you KNOW you've come across something special. I was searching for a song I'd heard when I found this playact. Needless-to-say, I was expecting a song. Then I began thinking, this is a lead-in to give more sustainance, and depth to the song, similar to Metallica's "One" (COMPLETELY AWESOME BTW). I have an EXTREMELY short attention span, which also speaks volumes as to the playwrite. I've stopped and resumed a dozen or so times just writing this! NO KIDDING!!! Thank You for reading my review! I hope it helped. Get in comfy clothes, grab a drink, popcorn, relax, and enjoy.
I too only found this becuase I was searching for Audio Drama podcasts. I decided to give it a listen and I can really identify with Shauna's character. It started out not-so-great. The dialoge was kind of rushed and the exposition didn't seem quite so clear between the three main charcters. About Episode three it began to improve and at this point I'm one epsiode away from being done with the first season. I'm really enjoying it and hope to see it continue.
What an awesome audio drama! The story and premise propeled me to the last entry in only a couple days. Now I am forced to wait like a starving grizzley for each morsel to be delivered. Great job, guys!
One of the best podiobook/podioplays I have listened to. Episodes are well produced with excellent voice actors. This podcast goes to number one in my playlist whenever a new episode comes out.
I became aware of this audio play after hearing it advertised on one of my favorite podcasts, Slice of Sci Fi. After listening to the first 3 episodes, I decided I loved it. I then mainlined every available episode over the next 2 weeks. This story is great! I can see all kinds of potential in the developing subplots. Please keep them coming! Don't stop. Don't be like Fox TV executives and leave us hanging out here with a great but unfinished story.
This is just a fantastic audio-drama. Paced well, good humor, good drama, and the characters progress nicely.
This podcast is very professionally done. The story and acting is wonderful. After the first episode I was hooked. I am now almost done with the first season and I am on pins and needles to find out what has happened.
I wish I had discovered this wonderful audio drama earlier. It's unfortunate that audio dramas aren't advertised much out here in the internet realm. I wouldn't have found this show if I hadn't been looking around for quality audio dramas. This team does excellent work. Why does it work so well? A couple of reasons - the same things that make a movie good. First of all, the writers are writers. What I mean is, the writing is good because there are trained writers working on the scripts. Second of all, the actors are believable and work well together. All of the accents are consistent and well-performed. The story is both dramatic and funny, and they keep it on a PG-13 level which is so great. The best stories out there are stories that are told well without resorting to R-rated material. Good work, Second Shift team!
Just recently discovered this fun adventure series. The cast is great, and the story is a nice balance of magical adventure, character development, and tongue-in-cheek humor. It's definitely worth a listen.
This is a great podcast set up in a tv-show like interface. The writing is great along with the cast. A must listen for everyone!
I love this show. The "modern-day-kids-find-themselves-in-a-crazy-fantasy-world" plot line is something of a staple in the fantasy genre, but Second Shift tells an engaging story without falling back on cliches. The characters are well drawn and quite life-like. Sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes they get under your skin, but you still want to know what happens to them. Overall, a wonderful podcast! Can't wait for the next episode.
This story was very engaging. I can't wait for the next installment. I really loved all the different characters/voices. Great work!